Thursday, February 2, 2012

Immunising and MMR and family house moved on a truck!

Oatie Skating on Tuesday
I have to say this week has been rather odd!  My older two had 2 teacher training days... and Tuesday my older two came to watch Oatie in HIS lesson, as they are usually at school.  On the way in I bumped into 4 people I knew and as nice as it was to see them, I was like arghghgghh we need every minute to lace him up.

Anyway having two older skaters I forgot what bliss this could be... I had one who just held the door open while the other clipped Oatie in the stroller as I have to bump him down the steps... to get to the changing room... I know NICE WHEEL FRIENDLY Rec Centre... NO!!! that's right because only people who can skate unaided or WALK like skating... NOT!

Anyway we did get to the changing room and before I know it, my eldest is putting on Oatie's Skate guards, my daughter is taking off Oat's winter boots and putting on his popsocks... and then my eldest is getting out his helmet and hat and when it came to putting on his skates, my daughter was massaging his feet and my eldest was making him laugh and we got his skates on no time...

Older Brother and Sister Fussing over Oatie

So we weren't late with all that help :) and while he was skating they were actively cheering him on and I even heard my daughter say, that's my baby brother... isn't he just AWESOME!  They took so many videos and photos and well it was just lovely!

Today we got Oatie's diptheria etc vaccine the rote ones... and in two weeks time he's having something that we never wanted him to have... the MMR.... :((

Well when I was a kid, they did the vaccines separately... and then this whole MMR thing.... well apart from cost cutting like saying reducing 4 visits to the nurse... as you have to have a round of boosters...  I never understood why they didn't offer singles but say, hey! 4 extra visits you need to pay for the nurses time... and then people can pick which they want to have... but NO!

In the UK my eldest got single vaccines and had his boosters like that and my daughter got her first round of singles. but needs a booster.

Our plan was to return to England and get the singles done for Oatie even if it was a few weeks apart would be better than 3 in one go...

I just don't get it, if you had measles you wouldn't be out socialising and then contract mumps and then be out and getting rubella? like what is the statistics of actually NATURALLY contracting all 3 in one go... you JUST WOULDN'T so why the heck would you get all 3 in the same needle when you'd used to have them individually?

I have seen 2 children first hand happily babbling before the MMR when they were 1 and then after they were non verbal for a good long while and that quite frankly scared me to death.

Our plans of returning to the UK to do this got mildly diverted by finding out that Oatie had CP, in the sense that the best treatment for his Cerebral Palsy is ABR (Advanced bio-mechanic rehabilitation) and that isn't funded at all from your health insurance or the government.... so any vacation or travel money has been allocated to that.  So we've had to give in to an extent... the population that we live in haven't been immunised to the extent that everyone has been vaccinated apart from mine... and Oatie is entering a school with 600 in the Fall... so we've had to compromise on our beliefs but he's that many years older than he would have been having the triple that I hope he'll be ok.

Well in Canada, our GP said that he would administer the singles if we could find a pharmacist who would import them... we've looked for 3 years and  we can only get 1 of the 3....decided that now Oatie is nearly 5, he can have the baby dose now...  his immune system is way more mature than it was when he was 1....  I just hope that he doesn't have a reaction.... nor my daughter with a booster.

In Europe you can get the singles in France or the UK really easily...  this company has a mobile clinic...

YES! this ia a HOUSE on a truck, not a small thing, it took up 2 road widths WIDE+
Then to top it off, I didn't see a permanent caravan on a flat-bed long vehicle... it was actual a modest sized FAMILY HOME!!! I'm like WTF! It was HUGE! and on a TRUCK!


  1. Hello. I think Vaccines have always been an issue of contention as there are always risks involved but, like driving your car, the benefits are seen to outweigh those risks. However you do it the bottom line is keeping our kids safe. This reminds me to look into Segev's vaccination record since he has had very few of them (because they were considered dangerous to him) but now I will review the list and see if he shouldn't be catching up after all.

    1. Dear Eric, I've missed you. So sending a special hug to you and Sergev. Oooxxxooo

      Thanks for your take on this. I know what you mean, like when you have a more dependent child than average... You have bigger things to contend with.

      If it makes you feel better. Oaties just had his 1year old booster at age 4.5

      They wanted to give him several lots in one go and my husband was like NO! We'll take it easy and let his immune system adapt to each one rather than bombarding them.

      His one year booster his body didn't notice which makes me feel better about the upcoming ones.

    2. I'm just happy that we've taken the vaccines slowly and wish I had done with my older 2.

      Mel xxx

  2. Boy, you should come by our house when it comes to wife is opposed, I get the flu shot every year; call me superstitious. The wife believes if you get the shot, you're inviting it into your life...guess whose been sick all week and it ain't me.

  3. Dear Phil,

    LOL! I think that there is something in your "Scotch a day" theory... I really do! Well I'm definitely with Sharon on the Flu shot, each year I had it, I got like a double flu almost ending in pneumonia! ROL! Well it wasn't funny at the time, but looking back, it was Hilarious! I was heavily pregnant with Charlotte...

    I really don't like the sound of the MMR I never have and I never will... Where we live and where our kids go to school has a huge diverse influx of people like us who have all moved country and hence not much of the population is vaccinated. We had an acquaintance in England who did the probability of statistics and didn't immunise his kids, his theory was if everyone one around you is immunised then you don't have to be.

    My favourite was that when Oatie was born they wanted to give him a vaccine for someone who's been to India, well because of my skintone, I'm not sure if it was one of the heps but it was not a pleasant one and well I fought tooth and nail saying that my grandparents lived in Africa and I've been to india once as a young child and Oatie isn't going to India for the foreseeable future arghghghghg!


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