Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Farewell to someone who I thought would out live us all...

Today in England, is the funeral of a dear family friend.  So dear that I cannot remember not remembering him.  He was actually one of my dad's customers and that's how they became friends 43 years ago...and even thought my dad was and still is tea-total, in his shop he had a sherry barrel and every Christmas before he closed his shop for Christmas... my dad would have juice, but his friend and I would have a shot of Sherry.... Mine was a thimble if that, but I used to enjoy that.

My dad's friend was one of the good guys, the type of person who restored your faith in humanity each time you saw him.  He was always there for anybody or everybody... if our car broke down... my dad's friend would come... if your boiler broke (he was a plumber) no matter what time... he would come.

He was so sweet...In our first home that I bought with my boyfriend (now husband) he came over to help move us in and he checked over our boiler over a cup of tea and found it was leaking carbon monoxide...

He would chat to me in a way that my dad never did when I grew up and he was more like my uncle than a family friend. 

He was always so lovely and happy and so hardy like he was never sick.  We thought he'd outlive us all.  Last year he was diagnosed with Cancer...I can't believe he has died. 

He will be sorely missed...


  1. With great sympathy... such people are a rarity in this world of ours. Will keep you in our thoughts!

  2. Dear Phil, Thank you so much, he was one of the nicest people I've ever met. Love Mel

  3. Sorry to hear that Mel. These are the precious people who, especially after they are gone, can guide us to do better, be more considerate in this harsh world we live in.

    1. Dear Eric,

      Thank you so much, you're absolutely right, having had the privilege to have know him, will stay with me forever for sure. xxx

  4. Oh Mel, I'm so sorry. You are in my thoughts and prayers and everything else in between.



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