Tuesday, February 21, 2012

WOW where have the last few days gone?

Well I kept on meaning to blog but hadn't had a single spare minute but haven't been that busy either ?!?  When all 3 are off school the day just melts away! ROL!

I know well last week and this week we've been taking it easy... winding down for family week which is nice and I put an electronic BAN on in our house for a good portion of the day and the kids have all been playing from bathing my daughter's baby that pee's Oatie finds that hysterical... to playing the colour changing hot wheels octoblast...  Hmmm yes are you noticing the trend of the games all involving WATER inside the house!  They have been painting and my eldest has been doing reading with Oatie and my daughter and Oatie made a book which was really sweet...

They did whinge I have to say when I said no gadgets for most of the day or TV... but they soon got over it and have had a great few days so far...

My older two have been skating and my eldest had a all guy figure skating clinic thing which they do each year and he loves it they have from the little guys all the way up to guys landing triples !

Today for Shrove Tuesday we had everyone's favourite toppings and well I found out that Oatie has a huge Chocolate liking :))

My daughter is now all caught up on her immunisations for now with Oatie so nothing for good few years !


  1. I love his smiles in the chocolate!

    We've taken the drastic measure of cutting ties to all electronics and at first they went ape. After about 20 minutes they were fine and actually had a good time together. I was a bit amazed. Now that they're sick I've let them go back to a bit of TV. No one wants to be sick and not watch some TV!

    1. Oatie is a real chocolate monster! I know they do still survive without the electronics ROL (Roar of laughter!) While Oatie was lying there for his 3 hour bench stint for his ABR I just had to let him have something to watch,... looking at the moth in our fireplace that won't die and i can't get it out to free as it's behind glass... would not be good viewing for poor Oatie!

      I agree they have a better time together without the electronics! Hope all of yours are all well again xox

  2. Hope ya have a great week with kids...I always like it better when they were in school myself. Me? No electronic bans in this house. Adam would be besides himself without his big screen TV and I'd be insane without my computer. Have a great week ...

    1. Dear Phil, well Oatie did keep his DVD time while having his ABR, I think You and Adam would have heard Oatie's Screams from here! ROL (Roar of laughter!) I didn't join the amnesty.. I kept my ipad and phone LOL!

      Well the older two are back to school and Oatie out with his dad, the house is so quiet and empty! lol!

  3. wow no gadgets that's great I need to implement that around here. I try to stay off the computer lots but it means I'm blogging a lot less. We took Ashley skating that was great she loved it.

    1. Dear Sherry, WOW that's brilliant, do you have any photos of Ashley skating? I'd love to see them! We're coming over to your neck of the woods in April :)

      I couldn't keep away from my ipad I have to say... well I love using it for recipes too in my defence!

      It was nice to see the kids play together together which was great. Now they are back at school I've lifted the no gadgets ban ROL (Roar of laughter!)


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