Friday, February 10, 2012

ROL...MMR.. ABR... an abbreviated day LOL!

Today Oatie had his 1 year old MMR Vaccine at the age of 4 3/4... yep.. I couldn't stomach him having it to be honest..   It's a shame that we don't live in a more higher vaccinated popluation... but I've still never got why they don't offer the single vaccines but just charge you extra for the nurse&room time?

You do that for travel vaccines? as it's deemed a luxury... why not others?

So far he seems to be fine, polished off 2 lunches, snack and a mighty dinner...

Then it got me wondering as I am really anti the MMR (as is my husband) but I was vaccinated as a child and I got Mumps and German measles and chicken pox (not together but within a year or two of each other)

But it got me thinking, as I am ANTI the MMR, and say I was PRO MMR, and he got vaccinated at 1... we didn't get Oatie's diagnosis till he was 2.5 so just think we might have wondered whether it attributed to his CP?

No I'm still not pro MMR...  Well I will keep you posted of his after MMR Vaccine...

Other than that, we had a normalish day I skated for an hour with a friend and swam a km, Oatie's dad and Oatie were doing "guy stuff" and then my daughter went straight from school (half day) to a friends for a playdate... so I went and had a quick coffee with another mum who's kid goes to the same school and then we both went and picked up from school.  I then got in Oatie's ABR while my older two went skating and now everyone is tuck up in bed well all 4 cats and 3 kidlets.

My husband is out grocery shopping and about to bring back our weekly treat!

Costco did take it back, I was with Oatie (he was in his stroller) and I didn't actually use the words I gestured more what happened... (I didn't realise Oatie had been listening during our walk with my friend) as then he just cut the crap and got to the point,.... he looked up from his nintendo DS and said with total Clarity....

"My mum's boobs were out!..." in a matter of fact tone... looked down again and carried on playing.

I was a bit taken back at his frankness....and I don't embarrass easily, but I'm sure my cheeks coloured a that point the lady immediately asked for my card and put the credit on my card.

Anyway... then after we decided to pick up some fruit from Costco when I saw another lady admiring the same costume... so we went over and I went to warn her.... when Oatie again, matter of factly said the same thing... and she said "thank you" to Oatie and he with a straight face said "you're welcome".

After he came home and told the older two and well they were all in hysterics...

If you want to borrow Oatie to return items, just let me know!

Have a great weekend if we're not about x


  1. Wow...Oatie calls things as he sees them...can't wait till he says something like that in school. You will need to prep them that he is Mr. that boy; and, I would be happy to borrow him any time if he available for rent!

  2. Dear Phil,

    He sure does, I am sure that I will have to have that conversation with his teachers in the fall :)

    You're more than welcome to rent him, he is a total chocoholic as I found out tonight...



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