Tuesday, February 28, 2012

What a Brilliant Family week! The BEST EVER!

Well we had a brilliant Family week, it was the best ever. They did watch one show in the evening or got to play a multi player wifi game together so I wasn't totally mean and Oatie still had his DVD during his ABR time.

The found toys that they hadn't played with in ages and it was great, we decided to have a baking frenzy and we had, Chocolate Fudgie traybake... I've had this recipe book it came with my oven for years and my eldest picked it out and it was delicious! Our elementary school (primary school in the UK) used to make the best deserts for Lunch, and this tasted just like it. Next time I'm going to make coconut milk chocolate custard to go with it!

Next on the agenda is the lemon traybakes... from the same book.

I have taught my eldest to sew a bit, with real needles etc... but for Christmas Santa brought them a Build a Bear "Sew it yourself kit!" if you have a kid that would like to sew and get the basics of sewing without having unorthodox acupuncture I recommend the kit! The result is a great looking Stuffy(plushy, cuddly). And it comes with an outfit already made too, which you either get to stick or comes with iron transfers.. the kids loved it that they spent 6 hours doing it If I can prize the cat and dog off them, I will take a photo of them.

Oatie is at the hospital today for his very first neuro appointment... they offered one 2 years ago and we've been in the system and they have been happy to do that so we could explore ABR and gave us a 2 year open door. Now we've been doing ABR for 2years in March, we had to go or they would close the case on Oatie and then have to go to a paediatrician all over again to get the referral etc etc...

So Oatie went for his hips to be x-rayed (armed with Leonid's Hip post from January) and my husband went armed with a camera, so you can see what angle the xray was taken with.
Danger: Hip X-Rays Interpretation Mistakes in Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy

Well my husband just phoned and Oatie's hips are perfect! Nothing wrong with them and the Neurologist said that they wouldn't dispute the ABR progress that Oatie has made as they think he is doing remarkably well! The only thing the Dr did say was that a 6foot CP person compared to a 5ft CP person would have great challenges if they are going to be 6ft with the potential twisted limbs.

So that was good news and we've still kept the door open and they said that they will help us get speech therapy if the school doesn't in the future doesn't get anything going.


  1. Great news about Oatie's hips...that's a great tribute to Ms. ABR herself...pumping and rolling!! You should be very glad and proud of yourself. BTW, I would kill myself if the TV wasn't on in the background all day...you guys are saints for self-limiting the audio-visual world.

  2. Thanks Phil, just when you wonder how much progress you've been making it's nice when a "medical profession" can't say it's not doing anything.. he will go for another hip assessment next year...so that would be great to see and Oatie's dad took photos of how Oatie was set up for the xray as Leonid's blog suggested.

    Me too Phil, I do like my Telly! I was only mean for a week limiting the AV stuff, but the best bit was that they fougt so much less, I was a bit teary on Monday when my older 2 went back to school as I missed having all 3 at home!

    I will post a photo of Oatie's Pelvis this week XOX


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