Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Gray Hair Experiment... oh why did i think it was a good idea? Speedo Swimsuit DISASTER!!! ARGGHGH

Today is the 100th Day of School at my older two's school... so they are all dressing up as an "old" person what ever that is, well the idea is to look like you're 100... I think it's offensive... but anyway, the kids see it as fun and if you asked if their nearly 70 year old granddad was old... no of course'd get "Grandad's not old, he skis as fast as me and I'm fast!"

I think after some discussion they agreed that E.T was old as he was several hundred years old... and that was old...or as my eldest put it... Yoda, he was old.. he was over 800 years old...

So after the qualification of "OLD" I didn't mind helping out... I remember being a young leader for the Brownie Guides in England and I was 17, one of the brownies was guessing my age, and said that I was 67!.. and then Brown Owl who was 67 asked how old the Brownie thought she was and she thought about it and said 367 or something like that... Brown Owl was not a happy BIRD!

Well I did google earlier and it said hairgel and talc... or hairspray and talc... which I then put on my daughters.. it looked so fab... she went to Beavers with a 2-3inch wide hairband!!!

So anyway, I wanted some silver or white hairspray.... can I find any... NO?! so while my eldest was a Karate... and my daughter and husband at Beavers.... Oatie and I went "shopping", Oatie was like "No Mummy... it's dark... it's cold... it's too late!!!"

Why is my 4 year old usually right? anyway it was strong gusty wind but we set off only to find, blue, red, green, well every colour apart from white or silver!!! arghghghgg Maybe all the other parents bought it?  So I ended up with GREEN it was a metalic pale not bright green so I thought it might pass...

So what did I do... my lovely clean shiny glossy hair.. after experimenting on my daughters hair earlier, and decided that maybe green spray would be better... so I sprayed some of that on..

It WAS NOT! pale green... it was VIBRANT URGH GREEN!!!  So i put some talc which clumped... then i tried the clear hairspray and talc.... in the end... i found out that white facepaint worked best...I know that they have the standing joke about a pink or blue rinse... so I thought that GREEN would be a laugh...  when my daughter got home.. and chortled out in her most Hermione voice..."Oh Mummy! What HAVE you done to YOUR hair!?!?"

So now I have matted, green, grey white, talc clumped hair!?!?! I'm running tomorrow so I'm sure to scare some people! ROL!

I did go running and got a few odd looks then after skating I FORGOT about my hair... and took my helmet off only to have the instructor SCREAM!!! WHAT is WRONG with your HAIR!!! (fortunately her daughter goes to the same school... and it was like OH!) she said I thought you greyed over night... I was like,,,, thanks for that!!!

So the kids had their grey hair and all been washed out... the facepaint washes out of hair really easily and as it's hypoallergenic and doesnt' stink... it's a really good way of colouring your hair, and it also didn't come off on things they touched.

Tomorrrow... I have to go back to costco with my new Swimming costume(bathing suit)...  I was in the pool on Monday, and just after explaining to my friend how I go for the most PRUDE-ISH costume that I can find a blue Speedo one... high necked and low legged from my teen days as I got sick of guys hitting on me in the pool and I just wanted to go swimming so I found a prude one from Speedo, just plain navy.  And well I stuck with that design as is NEVER goes seethru...doesn't sag or fill with air... and is brilliant and lasts for years!!!  If I go swimming I just want to swim not faff around with annoying bathing suits...

So I splashed out on a speedo one, thinking wouldn't it be nice to have some colour, still a distance swimming costume design... and my friend who I swim with on Mondays' was admiring it and thinking she might get one in a different colour...  Well I was at 500m and this guy  (no he wasn't handsome to me...) in the next lane was looking over at my lane... and and smiling.... I was thinking... "WHAT? what is he smiling at while swimming a length?" I look down and I'm like YIKES! so I YANK the top back up and well it was the most irritating 2k I've EVER swam for a long time..  It was bizarre, it fit fine standing up and wet but actual swimming it was a no no...

Well that's going to be fun at Costo tomorrow... what's even better is that Oatie will be with me PARROTING everything I say... which is usually great for his speech but I'm not sure I want him ROARING WITH LAUGHTER when I tell there service desk person what's "wrong with it", the little man will be in hysterics for the whole afternoon... and shouting it out all around the shop!

Yes, I will be sticking to my Prude style bathing suit from now on...!


  1. And why is there NO picture of mom with the puke green hair with gobs of white talc and clumps of whatever....this is a moment where a picture could easily convey a thousand words...A true opportunity to amuse us all may be lost!

  2. Dear Phil, I'm sorry, but the photo would have been so gross that either all my blog readers would flee forever... or the rest of my blog-life could be a huge anti climax! ROL! Saying that I'd rather post a photo of my gobby clumpy green gunky hair than of the swimming costume incident!



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