Monday, January 30, 2012

I Will Skate!: Beaver Camp Watch out!!! Take 3

Well, this should be called take 3, and well I wrote about Beaver Camp on Saturday, it was in the side bar and published and then it vanished from the side bar, went to edit the post and then the post is blank? but it's still online on Oatie's home page... so I then copied it to a new post and then that one was I've done a link to the post??? and well that went strange...  so here it is, below this post!

Please find our Beaver Camp post by clicking this link


  1. Boy, life had changed! When I was Oatie's age the big thing was that we had black and white TV and Davy Crockett was the local hero. My toys were a coon skin hat and toy musket. That was in 1954 before ya were all born. Now I see Oatie on adapted skis and skates, ipads, portable DVD players...and Beaver camps. You know, Mel, the only thing in 64 years which hasn't changed is scotch. I can't even remember having such a bright smile as Oatie...probably too tired from carrying kerosene for the stove and ice blocks for the refrigerator. Boy, you keep young by reading your blog!

    1. Dear Phil,

      You always have the nicest things to say:) Oh I don't know, Adam's smile rivals Oatie's, maybe next time they're hanging out together they can have a smile contest!

      Oatie would be a good advert for Duracell, he could so out "RUN" the bunny!

      Each week he goes faster and faster on his skates, his legs now resemble something from the flintstones...!




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