Thursday, January 26, 2012

Jumping Thursday...

Today we got a really good session of ABR in, I was really pleased!  I ran 5 miles with my friend and had a skating lesson while my kids were having theirs... and I did a botched job of a Salchow but I did it and I have to say, I LOVE ice skating and I have two little coaches who skate past and give me some tips and show me how it's really done... lol!  I used to be really scared when I first started but since Oatie started to skate and I saw his sheer Bravery and sheer determination, I'm not scared anymore,... if someone who can't walk more than 30feet on land on the best day, is going to put some knifes on the feet and get on the slippery stuff, surely I can leave the air for a second or two!!!  I was jumping for an hour... (how on earth does my 8&6 year old do it for 2 hours?!?!?) they must have buns of steel!  They had a go at ice dancing today and went splat lol! but they got up and kept going.  Children are amazing they truly are!

My daughter was jumping for joy when she has a PD day (teacher training) on Tuesday as my other two get to come and See Oatie in his Ice Skating lesson.  Oatie is going to get spoiled rotten, they'll be putting on his harness and taking of his skate guards and fighting to dry his ice skates... they absolutely ADORE their baby brother and I'm really happy as they could have become indifferent to him, instead of being ashamed of him they burst with pride with his achievements... (and then they fight lol!)

Well I'm going to go and try some Scotch with honey on the rocks...


  1. A good day for me also, walked 500 feet, bent down a couple of times and did ABR with Adam....what more could you expect from an olde guy! Regards and hugs to all....ya gotta love that Oatie!

    1. Dear Phil, Ahhh haaa! first... you're not old!!! and Ok we both walked and did ABR... but Nope! Bending down... would have tipped the balance for me... I almost toe picked yesterday, thought for a fleeting moment that falling would result in me have to stand up again! lol!

      I have to say that the Scotch, wih honey on the rocks, is a super fabulous drink!

      Special hugs to Adam

    2. blogger and ipad have a minor incompatibility at the moment) so here are your rib crunchers




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