Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Had a Much Better Day...

Oatie at Story time with his story cape!
Today we had a much better day, I had a morning adult skate which is always great fun.  Then a friend came over for a coffee and Oatie wanted to get down off his bench (the cheeky monkey), but we did get one hour of ABR in.  Oatie really wanted to be social and got really excited showing her all his things and telling her all about everything as it was the first time she'd been over for a coffee, he enjoyed playing host, he even offered her a drink!  The choice he gave her was "Tea, Coffee or Juice... or you can share my juice, I'll share with you" I know what a sweetie, he's such a happy beautiful soul.  Although we've been friends for years, but we usually chat during the week while our kids skate on the benches and (funny enough...she is also my skating instructor and for this Sessions Oatie's Skating instructor too.)

Then my mother in law (super lady, I love her to bits) phoned and we haven't chatted for AGES so that was lovely too. 

I have put the episode yesterday behind me.   I suppose it's funny when you know you've grown up.  10-20 years ago I would have fought tooth and nail to get the person to see that they had incorrect facts and were wrong.  But Now, particularly since Oatie, I can't be bothered to argue back with someone who I can't have a rational debate etc. with and I'm happy to walk away from the conflict, as nothing you do or say will make any difference instead they just get worse!  The problem is that they want to keep at it and I don't see the point of arguing with people who demonstrate a lack of logical reasoning, I don't mind a good old fashioned healthy debate, but there is no point doing that with people who don't and refuse to see the facts as facts and get all steamed up about nothing or get the wrong end of the stick and then go on the war path.  The problem is, when you walk away from the conflict, it seems that they don't like it and keep on going! 

I remember this quote from one of my dad's desk calendars the paper ones which have a proverb or saying of the day under the date...from when I was a teen... funny enough he used to say it to me when I was a kid “Never argue with a fool, onlookers may not be able to tell the difference.” by Mark Twain.

Life is way too short for all that and I can't be done with all that negative energy, what a waste of energy and for those who carry around grudges for years, how pointless is that?  What a total waste!  I actually almost pity them for being like that.

I, like Oatie, is fascinated with the Sun, I like warm, positive vibrant energy, I can't bear grudges, I never have and I don't think I ever will.

Oatie loves the Sun, he says sunshine is beautiful and I couldn't agree more.

To finish our nice day, we had a lovely pasta meal that had a slow cooked sauce and for pudding we home-made coconut milk ice cream with chocolate sauce on top.


  1. I think that we should get together and have a stiff drink (yours would have to be spiked with honey because of the throat stuff...scotch and honey on the rocks) and we could talk about stupid people at length into the wee hours of night. You only live down the street from us, no?

  2. Dear Phil,

    That sounds lovely! but there isn't enough time in one evening to talk about all the stupid people we've met/ heard about lol! I think on Google Maps is only a few turnings!

    I do like the sound of Scotch and honey...



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