Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Terrible Tuesday

Well the day actually started off great. We had a minor blip in the morning when we were going to be really early for skating and then cut it fine. Well today we managed to get both our skates on within 20 minutes! Which I have to say is unbelievably amazing usually it takes us about 40 minutes. It all depends on how Oatie's Feet are on the day. I found giving him the plastic squeaky burger a great help to distract him and get him to "not help" put his skates on as when the poor loves tries to help his feet get totally rigid...

Anyway! we had a brilliant session, not so much standing around and he learned a new skill by having a hoop on the ice, everyone else had to stand in their hoop and walk along inside, and Oatie had his infront and had to push it around so he had to steer and skate and for 2 few second moments he glided on 2 feet. He's doing so good that I'm hardly holding him up and he even had a go letting go of the walker and bending down. It was one of his best sessions EVER.

After that we had to get some supplies for my daughters upcoming beaver Scout camp, my husband is running one of the camp crafts... and so we swung via costco enroute and I treated Oatie to some Chips (french fries) which he wasn't expecting and he was so very happy about the treat. I tend to shop at the weekend only as during the week it just eats at my ABR hours so it was a one off and now I remember why lol!

As soon as we got in I was all set to Roll him with his ABR he was filled up with albeit junk food... lol! so we had lunch out the way so we had a good clean few hours to get his ABR in. When my friend who we've been meaning to meet up for ages with said that she was free, and she could pop by in a few minutes... so I put a fresh pot of coffee on and thought I'll just sit down for 5 minutes and then get up and do Oatie's ABR while we chat. Well I don't know how 2 hours just zipped by, it was nice to sit down and just enjoy my friends company and then I saw the time and I was like yikes....

Well I thought I can still get it (Oatie's ABR) in, as the older two are coming on the bus today.... just got started when I got a horrid unexpected message which just left me numb... (it was at that moment I hated my smart phone) or me, for looking. Instantly upon reading the content...it I felt like I was coming down with something, know when you get a sudden shock..., fortunately I had put dinner in the oven before my friend came to visit... and I helped the kids with their homework, we got the kids to the activities and I used that app to put them to bed and my daughter read everyone a bedtime story as now my throat has swelled up (from crying) and I can't hardly speak, I still don't know if I have the all clear with that, as I have to go for a follow up in Feb, days like this when it swells which makes me dreading Feb....

We got 15 minutes of ABR in today. (I wouldn't mind if it was a busy day but it just wasn't).

Anyway tomorrow is another day, it will be a better day... I think I'll go and find my cat.



  1. Not a doubt about it, tomorrow will be a better day. I blame everything on the solar disturbances which are screwing up energy fields all over the northern hemisphere...can't think of anything else, except stupid people. Met too many of those lately. Hugs to all!!!!

  2. Dear Phil,

    Today was a much better day, lol! about the stupid people, they are often the worst as it's pointless arguing with them.

    Thank you for the hugs, much needed, sending some rib crunchers back xxx love you Mel


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