Monday, January 23, 2012

Jan So far! ABR - Skating - Swimming and the government?

Well 2012 is going swimmingly well so far.

Well I'm not sure where I got to but I did have a nice lady come and tell us (government help) what they Can't do for us.  She was lovely... but as ABR isn't medically recognised they can't help pay towards transport or accommodation or anything.

Oatie can have some remedial help, but it's hours of being shown how to help him with his speech or whatever?  (OK I'm a bit puzzled at that bit). so once again, I'm the one doing it all with an onlooker???

Either way, we're unlikely to find someone as our province is anti alternatives... so they probably won't help anyway.  As ABR will contradict the therapists beliefs and hence they won't want to come over?

Well they will contribute towards clothes... maybe?  We do get some babysitting allowance... which is nice...

So all in all, not much help with anything really for our lifestyle... it's ok for those who are fully integrated with the medical professions viewpoint...I guess....

The last thing I fancy doing is going out. I don't mind once in a while, but I'd rather collapse snuggled on the sofa.

What I would like help with... maybe someone else help Oatie with an activity... or.... I would LOVE someone just to run through the house with a vacuum cleaner!!  Now that would be pure pleasure!!! That's what would be help!

Anyway we've picked up his Fall Kindergarten enrolment form. We've also started to save up for buying a bi-ski for him.  I still can't get over all the politics with borrowing one!

Last week for example, I was a bit late for my run before I skated so I ran up and down the stairs after 15 minutes of that, I felt like I had run a good few miles...  Can Oatie do something simple like that to get his heart pumping?  No!  The best I can find is Swimming at our leisure centre and skating and in time it will be Skiing too.  Our pool has reduced the swimming session times for "the Oaties!" great Huh!  They've knocked off an hour... then next year it will be another hour till it become a once a week event!

Did you know that Kidsport will only help WALKING kids!  (of course if you can't walk, you don't have a cardio vascular system did you know!!!)  gosh that makes me so cross.

Did you know that the special olympics is only for intellectual disability!  If you can't walk you can go and get stuffed too!  Where as.... CADS (canadian association for disabled skiiers encompasses both physically and intellecutally diverse people) as does the para olympics... they not only help people with limb loss, or paralysis.. but Cerebral Palsy and intellectual disabilities too!

I'm sorry but I have to say that unfair, why is the 'Special Olympics' excluding other amazing athletes out there just because they can't walk!  What happens in the scenario that you have a child with intellectual and physical disability?  I have emailed the Special olympics contact person several times posing this question with zero reply!  I guess you just get blocked out then!!!  What happens if you have mild CP and say you could walk... the para's don't have speed skating yet or figure skating as a recognised event... but the Special's do... or vice versa?

Why can't anyone who wants to do sport or exercise just be able to do it... why is there red tape and all this other stuff in the way... like you can walk so you get 'x' and you can't so you go that way... why can't everyone (all sports charities/groups) just work together and just get the whole community active rather than labouring on about who can and can't do what!

Aside from all of that, Oatie has been Swimming and Skating and thoroughly enjoying it.  We've been doing good ABR hours.

On a comical note, I've just used a "work out app" with upbeat music and reprogrammed it... to get the kids into bed, instead of rep interval airhorn... it comes up with the the airhorn... with the next stage(s) of getting ready for bed.  I even put story time interval in it.... in it and a two minute bedroom tidy and get their clothes out for tomorrow... it was super!!  Highly recommend it!  it's called UltraTimer in the app store! worth every cent!

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