Monday, January 2, 2012

Santa's Elf Workshop

I'm not sure what's going on with Blogger! but some of my scheduled posts didn't post... and some that did post didn't update in the column like my previous post..Charity is the faliure of governments globally... .Well overall Oatie had a ball, a few of the ladies who were running it are my friends and Oatie's dad took him for the first hour while I joined them for the second hour (I was ice skating with blocked ears... very interesting experience ) it involved a lot of arhhhhhghghghhhghghghg!

Well in the past my older two have both been and loved it, and they could go unattended as they were both potty trained.  If you're not potty trained then you can't participate in ANYTHING as a preschooler regardless of your age or reason.  So we had to accompany him, not that we minded it was quite exciting to share it with him.

I don't know, sometime you get this really off feeling from other people, like vibes WHY is Oatie at the workshop?  Or some of the helpers were just watching Oatie (trying to be discrete) when I felt the staring I automatically looked and then they'd look away... kind of intrigued what he would get from the experience.

A person (was a friend) I knew from 2 years back her younger child was there who's about 1 year younger than Oatie and well that was a bit awkward too, not sure if it was pity or avoidance or what...

I think the thing I felt from most of the parents when they came to pick their kids up (the people I didn't know) was that they saw Oatie and they felt FEAR!  Like OMG my child is in a room with "him" for 2 hours.

Well this one was from a few days before Christmas Eve that never got published...


  1. Mel! Been missing you. . .AND my mama-bear protective feelings are at "high alert". Can't believe that Oatie isn't the "star" at these events. He's so handsome, bright, charming. It does sound like it's the adults who "stare", "feel uncomfortable" - not the kids but then the adults teach their children by modeling behavior.
    Your thoughts about charities - very interesting. I find myself not trusting most organizations, especially ones like the "Make a Wish" here in U.S. A child must be able to "ask" for the wish in order to be eligible - no non-verbal kids get to actualize their wishes - absolutely disgusting. I know several families who had this experience - turned away. I also don't trust that much of the money donated goes to "direct service" - drives me crazy. I prefer small organizations. And, good question, "why are charities so necessary?"
    Hope all is well. . .
    Love, Sharon

    1. Dear Sharon,

      Awww you're so sweet :) I've missed you all too. We've had the best Christmas Holiday EVER! I will blog about it later :)

      I so know what you mean about charities, that's is just disgusting if you can't ask then you can't make a wish. That's my biggest bugbear about charities, how that they ABSORB the money raised into paying fatcat cheques.

      Love and miss you xxx


  2. Yeah, I have a love-hate relationship with Blogger. I've had those feelings too--like you know they're watching but are afraid to ask. I've given up on being polite and if they seem nice enough, I go over and talk to them. Usually I find they just don't know how to ask....but don't get me wrong, there can be some complete tools too. Those people I just ignore. Easier said than done though.

  3. Dear Lizbeth,

    I think you're absolutely right, if someone gives me a good vibe I will go and chat to them about Oatie, and I love that the "tools" well they're just as bright as a blunt saw ROL!




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