Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Well this is a classic on the whole operation thing....

Just when my own GP didn't refer me and filed me, and my husband, Oatie and I ambushed him... I asked his Nurse to print off the consent form so they could talk to my husband about me as.... When I got the CT scan they told my husband the date but not where!  So I then had to spend 45 minutes on hold to find out the location!!!  She however didn't print off the consent form and our parking ran out, my husband put in 2 hours worth of money to park for the doctors but he was running late and with a special chap with us, you can't necessarily run like you would if you were on your own...

So, I saw the ENT (ears nose throat guy on Wed) and by coincidence the CT scan for my thymus to my mid face was at the same hospital as the pre-op and surgery...  So the ENT got a visual on Wednesday and then on Friday I had the CT scan.

The CT scan DID NOT show the lump!  I'm like WHAT!  I just wanted to tell you, that this doesn't give me much faith in scanning then... as there was a Lump still there after Fri as the Surgeon took it out on Monday!  So how on EARTH can the diagnostician not see the throat lump!  there was enough to biopsy it and it was large enough for me to feel inside...

How I know!  Well as you know it takes a few weeks for one part of the system to speak to the others, the GP surgery phoned to say that my CT scan came back clean!  Like nothing to worry about.  I'm like WHAT!!!  There I am tapping madly away on my phone on my speech app.  Then it was the same nurse who REFUSED to prepare the consent form in advance... and she said "I cannot discuss it with you as you are not your wife!!!" that was it, I put my phone up loud as it goes and typed how angry I was and kept on pressing it and pressing it till my husband who then explained what the racket was.  (Me protesting!! silently, but I was protesting!).

I was so annoyed that I told him to tell her that she should ask the lo-cum doctor to phone me back as I can't talk so how can they know it's me.... and I asked her for the consent forms to speak to my husband and she must remember me as when I had a go at her she used an expletive about me,.... thinking I had already hung up and I hadn't so I know I got to her!

Well anyway, we did get phoned back and the locum did talk to my husband and my husband asked if the lump showed up on the CT scan and the answer was NO! 

So if you have anything wrong with you even if the scan comes back clean and you gut is saying NO there is something there, PLEASE PERSIST, PLEASE PERSIST, this is categoric proof that you can be given a clean bill of health and NO you don't really! I even told the radiologist that I have a lump! in my throat!

So, in a nutshell, I have no idea what the lump is, it seems that I got radiation for no reason as that was flawed  (how can I believe any interpretation of that scan!!!) and have to wait 2 weeks for the result of the removed lump... like do i believe that then, same hospital...? and then 6 weeks to see a man who says to EVERYONE who has a voice problem, just sniff twice and your vocal cords will release!!!

I'm like REALLY!!!

Oatie is much better and he is chatting more abstract things, now I have shut up for 5 minutes los! (laughing out silently).


  1. What an experience! I hope that everyone is waiting upon you at home and making every little wish for comfort come true. Now, I know why I have not been near a doctor for 35 years...a good stiff drink cures all and burns out the bad stuff!

  2. Oh my god that sounds really scary. Do they know what they are doing??? I hope you find someone you can trust and feel comfortable with. Please rest and find someone to make you amazing milkshakes right now. I'm glad to hear Oatie is chatting away so cool.

  3. I had no idea you were going through this :( Trust your gut feelings and find another Dr. you can trust. Get another opinion. I do not know you in person...but being silent must be sooo hard for you! It would be for You can't talk and Oatie is talking away, go figure! It is great that he is talking away! I hope you get some answers. Hugs


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