Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I am recovering...

Well the whole pre-op thing on the Friday was a total waste of time, I looks like a way for a department to have employment as they did all the same things on the morning of the operation and the the whole Asthma, the anesthetist wanted me to have my inhalers before surgery and I was told in the morning that I would be nebulised instead... and when I went down they said they wanted me to have BOTH! i was like I said that to them upstairs and (so what's the point of Pre-op!)

Well for an asthmatic my Sat levels was 99-100% they asked how that was possible with not having my inhalers and I was like I swim 10km a week... that's how!

Well, I've been silent for 1 day now, just 13 to go!

I won't know what the the biopsy shows for 2 weeks! and then after that I won't see him the surgeon for 6 weeks, so I think that's rather odd and he doesn't have a clue if it's a granuloma or a nodule wart thing... either way! it looks like they can both come back! and do, which is infuriating as some people have this operation every couple of months!! I'm like WHAT!!!!

Great, a 6 week recovery to have two weeks off to have it all over again! i am rapildy loosing faith in this surgeon who's textbook standard reply to everything is just sniff twice to release your vocal cords!

Anyway sorry for the complaining, I'm feeling arrgghghg as I can't lift anything heavier than a kette without it wrenching and the Surgeon said that that wouldn't be possible, and has totally dismissed the idea that I could have Cracked my voice-box 8 years ago when I was flattened by a snowboarder at Whistler... and Cracked a bone in my neck... which happens to be right where the lump is now and it states that that trauma can manifest itself years later!

Anyway I just wanted to let you know that I'm alive and well still as opinionated as EVER! Probably more so...

Oatie is fine, but he threw up today, I don't know if it was exhaustion from having a fabulous time with my friend or just different bacteria that he's used to at home as his hands are on the floor all the time... but he's held down cheerios today!

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  1. well, my dear friend - everything seems to be about as clear as mud pie. So stressful! You rant as much as you want and I'll listen to every word. Life wasn't complicated enough? What is the Universe thinking?? I was talking to my daughter the other day and told her that I just ask each day to be a bit easier - for her, for Adam, for Phil and myself. And, now, I will add you to my list.
    Love, Sharon

  2. Well I'm super glad your back home I hope it doesn't come back that doesn't sound like too much fun..poor girl. This isn't the start to the summer you were planning I bet. I'm sure thinking of you. Rant all you like you know I'm reading too. Take care of your voice I'm sure that is a struggle with 3 kids home for the summer.

  3. I'm glad you're feeling better and have some spunk ;) back. Not getting test results back is infuriating. I don't understand why you can't get in to see the MD for six weeks, that seems like forever to wait!!! Sigh, I hope you can get in sooner but am glad you are feeling better. I was worried about you from way over here! (((hugs)))

  4. I am so happy that you survived the procedure in great form...it's certainly not a credit to medicine, but to yourself. Silence...now that's a tough one; you'll just have to snap your fingers to get people to wait on you...snap frequently as you deserve it. Hope Oatie is better...best wishes for a quick recovery.

  5. Dear Sharon, Sherry, Lizbeth and Phil,

    Thank you all so much, ok I'll add to the rant as this gets better.... watch for my next post... love



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