Monday, June 13, 2011

Had the best birthday for a decade!

The last few birthdays have been fairly awful really :( ... but this birthday was just wonderful.  It was definitely more enjoyable enjoying getting older rather than lusting after an "number", or lusting after an all able bodied family too.

As you could see Birthday Eve was fabulous and on my Birthday, I woke up to Tea and Biscuits (cookies) in bed, and they were German biscuits from my 85 year old German friend from the pool Ed.  (I was born in Germany! prematurely).

For breakfast we had a full English Breakfast, Bacon, eggs, tomatoes etc... the full works with a nice teapot tea.

The older two had skating class up in town so that was nice after we popped home and went to a local farm for Lunch, everything is home made, all the fruit and veggies grown there and they raise buffalo too.... which is delicious it's like an English Tea Shop, but Western Style...   After that, we popped home and then went Glow Bowling which was fabulous, Oatie won he got 116 and I came second... with 98.  We play ten pin in England so 5 pin is a real novelty.... and I have no idea how the scoring works.. but at least these bowling balls don't break your nails lol!

After that we had home made pizza, with the cake that I made the day before, and sat down to watch a film we've all be wanting to watch together for ages and had popcorn and birthday cake to finish.  (and yes, we almost set the smoke alarms off, we lit all 33 candles!, I cheated somewhat I used the number 6 & 7 from the kids previous birthdays to make up 13 of the candles....

So it was an absolutely brilliant day and definitely the best birthday in a decade!


  1. I love your cute cake! I'm so glad you enjoyed your birthday I'll be sure to enjoy mine next month even thought I'm turning .. 40 years young. Check out my latest blog post you won't believe my luck. Ashley is my lucky charm I swear to god!!!

  2. Dear Sherry,

    I've kind of set a benchmark with my cakes now the kids didn't understand when I didn't do a fancy cake for their dad last year... and did them ones so I LOVE Hello Kitty, she's so cute, so Hello Kitty it was... lol! (if you want a quick one to ice, it's really quick and in Michaels at present) and I did the fur effect with the tripple star nozzle...

    I just checked out your blog post, that is just so totally fantastic, I was jumping up and down... (my husband thought there was an earthquake...!)

    WOW you don't look anywhere near 40! definitely 40 young for you!



  3. I love the cake!!! And don't worry when you get past 40 the kids don't want to light candles---the first ones burn down before they finish lighting them all!!! Now we just stick to 29..hehe!

  4. Just wonderful...all the warmth and blessing from our family. It continues to get better all the time.....


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