Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day

Well our oatie has been a busy beaver with Father's day this year... he EVEN got his hands sticky twice for his dad... He made a ladybug paperweight at School for his dad and made a card too.

The on Friday he made a scratch (homemade) cake with me, he did all the mizing, we make it in reverse, so it's always on the sloppy side and add a bit of dry and a bit of wet ingredients so he can still mix it. As the mixture went in the pan, it still had little lumps in it, and I though it was so adorable that he sat there and mixed his little arms away that I left it how he did it, (usually I'd get the spoon and give it a final stir)... the cake was absolutely DELICIOUS and defied all baking oonnosieurs out there who say you should mix a cake in a set order... as well the "bakers bubble" was so nice that well, we kind of ate it before Father's day, so on Saturday Oatie and his sister mixed up another cake mix each while the elder brother made a bread and butter (soy) pudding and the chocolate icing.

we think Oatie's daddy had a nice father's day, I made homemade croissants (dairy free) for the firt time.... which were actually very nice... (I was surprised that they worked as well you're meant to use butter and we can't eat Cows Butter). Followed by a gorgeous cup of tea, with a cafetierre (French press) coffee... and then we opened presents, the kids had all made him something nic at school and make him some gorgeous cards too. We popped out to take Oatie's dad to Home Depot (B&Q) and (we NEVER let him go there lol!) and yes he came away with a cool drill (I think). It was a novelty, Oatie's dad got to pick his lunch treat...

The kids iced the bear cake with their dad, all bathed and about to eat dinner, watch a bit of a film together.


  1. That sounds like the perfect Father's Day!!!

  2. Sounds like a great father's day. I wish I got a drill....clothes? Hope it was a great day for y'all


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