Monday, June 6, 2011

Oatie and the Honey Farm.... where Pooh Bear lives....

On Friday, Oatie had a field trip, and my daughter did the Honey Farm two years back as she was in the same preschool where Oatie goes now. Two years ago, Oatie Screamed and HATED honey, he wouldn't even try to taste any, he cried and really didn't enjoy it.

Well this time, he tried all 6 different honey types, he had a go using the Smoker, he got to turn the honey centrifuge thing and he was so into seeing the Bee's looking for the Queen bee and and just loved every minute of it.

When we left, he said, "Mama, Pooh Bear lives here"

We had a quiet weekend, we bought my daughter a bunk bed, Oatie is thrilled as now he can camp in either room, he kind of breaks in and lies on their lower bunks and says "nite nite" lol!

Just 2-3 weeks left of School and wow this year has flown.

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  1. Oatie looks so wonderful! That is great he liked the honey, I believe it could of been a sensory issue that he may of overcome!

    ABR works in so many ways!


  2. I love thinking about ABR opening life up for Oatie. However, I cannot minimize the awesome parenting - so many wonderful experiences. His smile is precious!!!

  3. Dear Lisa & Sharon,

    I have to admit, I love his smile too, his smile make me smile... I know, I thought of the same, (how much of his improvement is from ABR) while he was enjoying his field trip as the tour lady remembered my kids from 2 years back, mainly because my eldest interrogated her last time and finished off with asking the actual colour of bes eyes this time.

    Recently he ate a fajita like we would eat a fajita, he held it like a cookie and bit bits off, and he can now consistently put his shoes on... he eaten tomatoes, lettuce and apple, where as before the texture used to make him gag.

    Hope your boys are doing great,



  4. Oh dear, I know I commented and it went poof! Darn blogger. I love how happy Oatie is in the last picture and how he said Pooh lived there. That's soooo cute!


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