Sunday, September 30, 2012

unfinished posts lol! and Oatie's huge progress

Phil is this a good team???
I tend to use my ipad these days with keyboard and rarely go to my desktop apart from syncing with itunes.

I found some unpublished/unfinished posts on my blogger on my desktop that I haven't seen for a really long time.  Anyway they're out of date now lol!

Need to ask my dear friend Phil, if this is a good team, I found this cap and have no idea! lol!

Oatie has made huge gains in self development.  He has been clean and dry day and night for over 3 weeks now!  He got his Mario Kart DS game, he was so over the moon!


So Happy he got his Mario Kart DS!
He did the Terry fox run/walk in his wheelchair (super bumpy terrain) and next year I think I'll let him take his bike, I can't lift it at the moment as it's super heavy but next year should work quite well.

New Wheels!
In the middle of October, he is riding his bike on a sponsored walk, one of my daughters has a life threatening blood disorder and the kids/we are walking to support her friend and his family.  So he will be riding his bike for the 1km distance, he is very happy to be able to join in and not be pushed...

His Sentences have come on a long way and there have been no complaints about him or his behaviour at school at all...he started to try on his antics again... and we told them to not have it and be strict with him and he stopped...  (he has a temp aide as his real aid is away on compassionate leave). so Oatie tries as any kid will do see how far they can push it/get away with stuff...

The only aspect I don't feel happy about is not being able to do Oatie's Manual ABR, he's grown rapidly recently and I can start to see bad changes in his physique... I know returning to his manual ABR will sort this all out... but I feel bad and he's complaining he's in pain and I feel bad about it...

Well if there is a positive, ABR SO DOES WORK!  he's not getting worse from not rolling him, it's because he's grown and that's when the "bad" changes happen.. All i can say is thank you ABR for your night machine as Oatie gets 10-12 hours of that a night, we restart it before we go to bed...

Oatie with his "big boy lego" we said he could have a set when he used the potty, he built the ship it took us 5 hours to do over 2 days but he did build it himself I helped him orientate the pieces and i told him what came next but he found the pieces and put them on where I showed him where they go:) I was so proud of him!

Oatie and his big boy lego!


  1. Well,'s a great looking hat but I'm not a fan of anything New York...Giants, Yankees, Mets. or whatever. I am a fan of Oatie's progress and the gains that he is making. I know that his discomfort will disappear when you are able to get back to manual ABR. As for Mario, you know before Adam's accident in 1998, it was his favorite game on the archaic Nintendo....good memory for an olde guy! Mario lives forever.....

    1. Hi Phil, I have no idea where or when we got the hat.... to the point I was perplexed... lol! And then Oatie likes it for some reason... and I don't even know what type of team it is LOL! but thanks for letting me know :)

      Thanks for your encouragement on Oatie being more comfortable when we resume his manual... I can't wait.. he can't wait and I can't emphasis to anyone how much Manual does... I did it before believing it and seeing the progress... but seeing his growth spurt and then seeing the bad change... rather than the continuing of the nice improvements just spells out to me how much manual does for him.

      Mario does seem to live forever, I played Mario when I was a kid too! The only thing is that Mario can still jump as high back then as he does now... I wish I did...


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