Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Our local leisure centre

Annual Shutdown... 2 weeks, will they actually do what they say they will.... repair and fix the facility?

This has been like this for well over 6 weeks, this is the disabled toilet in the ladies...

Yep, that one of the shower curtains... nice eh?

We've been here 4 years and the place just gets worse and worse each year....

Like when was the last time this was wiped down?


  1. yuk! That would make me want to no go into a restroom until my bladder burst....yuk!!!!!

  2. Lol! Phil, I was told the faeces/feces (first photo) down the ourside of the toilet was "calcium deposits" I've never seen calcium like that.... EVER! It's just so gross in the changing room:(( I couldn't agree more Yuck!


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