Sunday, September 16, 2012

Someone whom I would like to meet... fab article, I wonder if she would endorse ABR?

Oatie has been asking about Karate. His dad, big brother and Sister all do Karate and well naturally Oatie wants to go too. Each time we drive past the school, he says that's where Karate is... and now he's doing super with his potty training, he says, now I can do the potty, I can do this _____________ (whatever activity he's thinking of at the time).

So just 2 days ago he mentioned Karate.... and yes my husband immediately said... "I wonder what Sensei would say?", (it's a family that run our local centre, husband and wife and 2 sons who are all black belts.)

Well me being me, I said I'm sure he'd say YES, he would HAVE to... (I don't think Oatie is ready to do that now, but maybe in a few years...., I wouldn't write it off at all).

And then we had the cliché bit, where hubby said, "but it's all about balance and co-ordination and the very things that people with CP are challenged with", but I then said that's why it would be so good for him!

I know from my own personal experience of ice skating, that the more you skate the better your balance is... and same for riding a bike, if you haven't ridden for 10 years and get on you're a bit wobbly... but after a few mins you're a lot better and more frequent the better your balance is....

Well I know that they an immediate family member with CP, from what I have gauged from a conversation in the past.

So I said yesterday that I would be Oatie's aide for Karate, not tomorrow lol! but when we feel he's "ready"... So while I was looking up the "viability" of kids doing martial arts with CP... I found this article, might be a bit old... but I would sure love to meet this woman.

Cerebral Palsy and Martial Arts, NY Times

My Favourite quote from the article above is:
''No one expects someone with cerebral palsy to be good at martial arts, which require focus and motor control,'' Dr. Brunstrom said. ''Yet some of these children learn to take down a 6-foot-2 black belt. It really opens people's eyes to what someone with cerebral palsy can do, and it gives the kids a real sense of accomplishment.''

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  1. Thanks, for the info! When Oatie gets his black belt in a few years, please remind me never to piss him off! Old folks get knocked on their butts quite easily....


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