Monday, September 10, 2012

I don't want to jinx this but I thought this day would NEVER come! sorry if TMI!

Well since Oatie left the French school last year, after his "aide" shouted at him for not producing a "result" on the toilet.... (and my daughter in the next stall/cubicle overheard)....

We've had a long and very up hill road with Oatie to use the potty.

Easter came and I did stock up on those foil wrapped chocolate eggs as enticement in the end for him to just sit there for 30 seconds...

Gradually and gradually... he started to use the potty but needed constant reminder.

Then about a month ago, some days he would be dry and other he wouldn't bother... and didn't have any success with the non-peeing side....

So I set up some more tangible bribes, I've never bribed mine to do anything, actually I did bribe them to learn to swim. So this is my second bribing lol!

Well last weekend it was a huge breakthrough!

So after x days he got something he really wanted which was a DS game, and today he earned it... it wasn't available anymore so I had to go to the secondhand games shop and pay brandnew prices for it ROL (Roar of laughter!)! but he is so happy! so during the day he's in pull ups...

So for 48 hours, Oatie has been clean and dry, he wasn't at school today as last week on his first day they "accidentally" gave him a Greek yogurt, which they didn't realise was Cows milk... a parent brought it in and they never checked with me... so the poor love won't be going to school tomorrow, but with that, he will have another day hopefully of being clean and dry and I'm hoping he likes it and doesn't look back. I remind him every now and then but he suddenly gets up and says I need the potty! ! !

I've have never been so excited about a potty in my life before! He won't go at school so I am not sure how that will work out yet... especially that's where he got his phobia from.

I have to say it was ABR when I rolled his Pelvic floor for 6 months solid that gave him the function. it wasn't there before at all.... and after rolling him for 6 months he did have bladder control but didn't want to use it like he does now!

ABR is amazing and I'm feeling bad as my hours at the moment have dropped off... he still getting his bench at night but I am keen to get rolling again with him hopefully in a few weeks time.

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