Saturday, October 6, 2012

Another Brilliant week at school:)

Oatie LOVES his temporary aide, I just wish he would be his permanent aide... as do the other parents and well everyone really.  He's young, funky and absolutely LOVES Oatie...  Treats him with respect and Oatie is flourishing!

This week, he's still kept his pants clean and dry, sorry if TMI but it's now a MONTH if not longer!!!  He's been out with one of my best friends on a lunch date, she picked him up from school and took him out for spaghetti.... and he's been on the swings in the playground... and he sings the welcome song, he's talking more and more in french.... and he's unbelievable... and just when you think he can't blow you away like that again, he does something else which blows you away again!

They had a sibling photo at school that they all enjoyed... it was a bit tricky as no one could wear any green as it was a green screen shoot...  Tough when the boys love starwars and angry birds.... but we found something that then complimented their sister...

No news on the new arrival...

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  1. Happy, happy that oatie loves his temp aide. You know, for Adam, he had the same aide for seven years in school...a true god-send. Our kids needs to be loved and treated well, more than most 'case they are so special. Good news on the "clean front", hope the arrival is smooth, on time and just perfect!!


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