Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring is finally HERE! with some Snow of course!!!

Well what a week! I can't believe it's gone by so fast! Well Oatie had his last skating lesson of the season... we are quite lucky that 1 rink offers Summer public ice, so we can still take Oatie out!

Well this weekend was nicely paced but full of action! On Friday we travelled to one of the biggest fun competitions of the year. My older two LOVE it, they see all their skating friends, from near and far, ones who they competed with last year and instantly they are laughing and chatting away like they saw each other each week... The boys are my favourite they link their DS.... put their skates on, compete against each other and straight after they are linking their DS....

The girls are not unfriendly but it doesn't have the same camaraderie that they boys have... the boys are a rare specie...

My elder son, who lots of the girls think he's CUTE, has a look a like, who competes against him, the other kids nick name is the same as mine's actual name and they look the same, 2 months apart in age... they both have a similar skating style and they even have the same hair... each year we think it's hilarious! a few times the judges have got them mixed up! Mine wears his glasses on the ice.... So anyway each year, in the stands lots of girls come to watch these cute 8-9 year old boys skate...

My daughter is still one of the youngest in her category... so in some ways she has a harder time, and there are more of them...

We were very proud of them, Oatie particularly so... as they both had personal best skates, my eldest walked away with a Silver for his Freeskate (to music) and a gold to his elements, where he was having a battle with physics and his glasses... he refuses to wear a glasses strap, but I'm trying to wait for contacts till he's 10 and not sticking MUD in his eye.... but he's spinning SO fast now that during the second event he was pushing his glasses back on mid spin!

My daughter managed to do some combos' that she was having trouble with, well she changed skates 2 weeks ago and she had a great skate.... and in her elements, she got a bronze which was brilliant, she's still 6 and there were 10 year olds she was skating against.

This time I attempted a Curly ponytail,... which half fell out when i took this photo as i didn't hairspray it... (I don't like solvents or sprays especially since the whole throat lump thing) and she was on the ice at 8:30 and only had to last 30 minutes max so I didn't care if it fell out after! She wore her princess dress and the curls looked all princessey and when she skated they bounced and she looked absolutely stunning!

Oatie wants to compete one day too, so that will be an interesting conversation to have with Skate Canada.... I have re looked into it... intellectually disabled people CAN skate and physically restricted people CAN'T skate! and the Special Olympics at present WON'T support physically restricted people which I think is discriminatory... just my view... but how can they say that when the CADS the disabled ski association of Canada will support both... and even the PARAolympics will support intellectually disabled people where as you would think PARA to be strictly physically but they say no... anyone who wants to do a sport they are happy. They just don't have ANY handicapped skaters at present...

Other than that, we were in and out of the competition within 24 hours, we found a restaurant that we loved last year so we made reservations and we enjoyed a lovely meal together on Friday. By noon on Saturday we were out of there. My Daughters cat is an April fool.... and turned 6 yesterday so naturally with him being a chocolate point monster... he had to have a birthday party, with a meal that he would like to have a part off, and the kids made chocolate brownies for pudding (no the cat wasn't allowed that part) there were balloons and presents and I THinK the cat had a good time... well he didn't run off... and did sit there:)

I think Oatie enjoyed the balloons more than fizzbit, this is a 1m+ balloon!


  1. Blessing to you and all the tykes from the lovely, chilly city of Montreal: got our eval with Leonid tomorrow and then training through Sunday...want to hop over for a drink? We're at the Super 8 in North Montreal....

    1. So Glad that you got there safe and sound :) Don't tempt me, I could do with a hug from you Sharon and Adam!

      We Picked a Super 8 for the recent comp... I really liked the accessibility in and out of the room. Room - car! My kinda place!

      Hope Adam has a brilliant Eval with Leonid tomorrow, and can't wait to hear all about it xox

  2. He looks so happy and that ponytail is amazing!!! Tell that little on Happy Birthday and give her a squeeze from me, would you???



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