Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter, Bunnies and Oatie!

Oatie Spiderman Cat - for the Easter Egg Hunt
Well the second competition went great!  My eldest had another PB skate, as did my daughter.  She still gets the raw deal, I guess, as she's skating against kids who are 2-3 years older than her.  So even though she does all the same moves, they are just not as big or as strong or as fast as theirs...  It doesn't seem to affect her, as I think she knows that the strength will come, but she already has the technique.  Not a problem, but for my daughter, she will then master the next thing that makes her skate up at the next level... and then... she'll be 2-3 years younger than them all over again!  We reckon that there will be a cross over of her age/size not being an issue.

Carnival dress rehearsal was good, my son wore his psychedelic pink shirt, the theme is from the 60's... he really didn't want to wear it, but about 20 dads in the stands all said he looked really 'cool' in it and I guess he did because HE CAN SKATE!  like if he was a beginner, I might have protested.. but because he skates like a Matador he can carry it off.  Oatie, WANTS the top, and has decided that it will be HIS skating top... now that Oatie wants my eldest doesn't want to part with it after Carnival... and I was like you DIDN'T want it... and explained how this year Oatie isn't in the carnival.... that it's really important to have something of your skating that he can wear.  So Next Saturday at precisely 16:45 mountain time... you will know that the pink shirt is being handed from brother to brother!!!  My daughter loves her psychedelic shirt, she wants to wear it to school in the summer and now claims that she needs to accessorise for it!  Yep you guessed it, she will be 7! 7! 7! 7! 7! next  Sunday.

The Easter Bunny did visit, but the hunt was a clued egg hunt and that lasted 2 hours so the kids were shattered by the end.. I did confess to having a nap on the couch!  (after a cup of tea and some chocolate)!

My eldest being 9 in May, just sounds alien to not dealt with that.... but my baby girl being 7, just makes me feel like my baby has become a young lady, not a little girl any more....
Got a Bit warm so de-masked

I still remember when I was at home, and my husband whizzed my eldest off to nursery, it was an all day nursery and I told him to hurry because I though our daughter was going to be with us by lunch :) and well... that was it my friend was texting me for a cup of tea at noon at 9.30am... and I texted her back, said maybe later, as I was having a baby, she was like what.... what do you mean? Well she knew but she couldn't believe I was texting at the same time!!! (well it was a good distraction from the contractions!!) and at 9.50am my little girl was born in her sac!  That evening we went out for a starbucks!  Sad I know, but I really wanted a huge Caffinated something! and a pastry!

Saturday is Carnival day, Sunday is my daughters birthday and next week is 'Test Day' well it a series of days rol!  They've been practising hard but it all depends if it's good on the day!

Oatie putting on some 3d glasses to make us laugh!

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