Tuesday, April 24, 2012

WOW what a Week! but a fantastic week, LOTS has happened in the past week.

Well Since last Tuesday, my Eldest passed another two figure skating tests that he's been working towards for a while. He didn't just pass them he really passed them. So that was great!

Then on Saturday, we went to one of the skating coaches wedding. It was on ice and it was BEAUTIFUL. All the kids performed from Jnr prep up to Senior a whole club number and then they did individual group numbers on the skating level. Jnrs, Int and Seniors. The kids did their coach proud.

Then the Groom who plays hockey at a high level came out with his ushers... and the and waited at the ice alter... The bride came gliding out escorted by her parents one on each side which did choke me as you could have imagined them holding her up once on skates and now she teaches skating for her living! She has a beautiful ivory ice skating wedding dress on.

Oatie, wanted hair like his big brother, so it got spiked and Oatie looked so cool.

My husband took photos from a different angle and I videoed from the side view, everyone was at the short side of the rink... but I felt that sometime an alternative view is nice as you see what everyone else doesn't see. Like I got all the kids going in and out and when they all came back on the ice for a group photo hugging their coach it was so lovely!

Oatie has some news! well lots of news.... about 10 days ago, he trialled a walker. It's a reverse one so he's not stooping, he actually keeps him in fairly good posture. We've borrowed it from the Neuro clinic so we could bring it to ABR HQ for their opinion of it.

We asked our fellow ABR families what they have done in a similar situation. Oatie, about to go to Kindergarten in the fall... and now he's started potty training and it's a school of 700 I've been told by the principle! just in elementary... So we're just going to let him use it for that mainly.

His physique has been improving but he started to become agoraphobic and less social been in a chair the whole time. So in a week his maturity has tripled... he's been asking what more things are and even walked out in rain, wind and snow... where as before he'd scream!


Oatie is getting an ADAPTIVE BiKE! we went to the clinic just before we went to the Wedding and in 10 days time he will get his new bike. It's an able bodied persons bike, but adapted for him, it has bigger stable stabilisers and it has a spring loaded handlebars, which are circular so Oatie can hold on where it's comfy for him... they're moving the break to closer to Oatie. His bike has a backrest and a seatbelt and he has special peddles!

Again the bike, he chucks his outdoor phobia aside, he rode it outside the CP association on their pavement/sidewalk and LOVED it.

Oatie will be hopefully cycling in a Bike Rally for CP kids. So he's going to be collecting sponsors. It's a 1km bike ride and they have 3 hours to complete it! his siblings can join him...

AND!!! Oatie also went to his siblings school disco, he took his walker with him and bopped on the dance floor and did the YMCA and even tried the Michael Jackson Moonwalk.

AND we went to a tradeshow on Friday, to help raise money for a National Figure skater. Oatie visited the fire station booth where he became chief firefighter!

Oatie would normally HATE something like this, but because of the walker he was sociable and enjoyed it.


On Monday we flew out to Montreal for our next ABR session. This time we took the whole family. So today we had day one of our training which was brilliant as usual.

Tomorrow is our evaluation and a final session. I will post some photos of our ABR session in a separate post.

This was one of the first photos I ever posted, but now 2 years on... he couldn't sit on a plane like this 2 years ago. In fact he screamed on the plane from being in PAIN! of the plane seat.

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  1. SO thrilled to see him in a walker! Yay on getting him the permanent one and yay on getting him an adaptive bike and yay on plane maturity and YAY on all of his awesome progress. This made me really happy to read. I hope the ABR therapy went well.


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