Thursday, March 22, 2012

Snowing again! Well the kids do have a winter Carnival today!

Well today my older two have a winter Carnival at School... the school made a milk carton igloo... and the kids had to each take in a Ice cream tub sized block of ICE! The bus driver was "thrilled" having 30 blocks of ice on the bus this morning and I don't mean the kids ROL (Roar of laughter!) !

Oatie has got over his illness Hooray and he went skating on Tuesday, next Tuesday is the end of the season for Oatie, I think we might have to take him out on the odd spring/Summer skate to keep his "Ice legs" going and he's going to miss it as my elder two skate spring and part of Summer.

AND!!!! we've had a huge breakthrough in potty training! Since yesterday, he's been a real trooper! and had success 5 times.... yesterday and already 3 times this morning... so for our trip to Montreal, I'll be sure to pack that! I did give him an incentive... (those mini foiled chocolate eggs) I've never bribed any of my other ones, but he really hated sitting on the potty, I'm wondering if all the egg rolling of his sacrum has helped him feel more stable? (ABR), and today he's walking around the lounge more dancing to some "tunes" on the radio... gosh I feel old, it sounds like such drivel! I remember my parents saying that to me! So I think before Easter is done I might buy another bag of the eggs... :) If he could be dry, then it would open up even more doors for him, like he could join in even more regular activities.... as one of the prerequisits (without an aide) is that they can use the potty... His brother and Sister have been making such a huge fuss of his success too that Oatie feels really really proud of himself... i'm just glad that he's managed to put the trauma of that woman who shouted at him at preschool on the toilet, Oatie told me and my daughter happened to be in the next cubicle to her brother and the lady didn't know that was her baby brother.... at least he's managed to put that experience behind him (literally ROL (Roar of laughter!) as he refused to go anywhere near it for 3 months....

Other than that he's had a bit more "anger" towards his disability... more recently... I guess the more he see's the other kids his age running around.... the more he realises he's different and just wants to run around too! I don't think I would be as good tempered as he is with it... but when he's crying and screaming in public about it, and inconsolable, it's heart breaking :( At home he doesn't have those feelings so much as he's just at home. My older son and daughter both were in a fun inter club competition on Saturday and Oatie found it really really really hard.. he thought that he was skating... and all the excitement around him combined with getting over a cold... just made him miserable... Although next year if he skates in their learn to skate programme he too could go out and do his "thing" as it was an event where everyone gets a medal.... We shall see if that might be something that he might want to do next year... his older siblings have volunteered in the past to do that with him.

We have not heard from the assistance dog association at all... not even an acknowledgement... I know people sent their reference forms back as they told me as they did it. I hope it isnt one of those scam ones where they take your registration money and that's the last you hear of them... but $50 isn't really worth running a scam over, I would have thought....

Like any human, you get to one level and you want MORE.... he's now in the level 3's this skating class, but keeping up with them isn't enough for him now... now he wants to do Crossovers...

This weekend is a quiet one apart from skating practice... we're snuggled up at home...


  1. I going to pretend that I didn't read your can't be serious about snow. It's 70 degrees + F here and warmer...I would die up there.
    We're also getting ready for Montreal (April 4-7); going to have to drug my kid so he doesn't get too uncomfortable in the chair for the 7 hour ride...we'll see. I look forward to seeing Leonid, not hotels, traffic. crappy meals and a moaning child (I guess adult).
    I can imagine Oatie's anger; just does not seem to be fair, yet his soul is purer than most.
    Keep warm...LOL!

  2. Forgot to add: that Oatie kid is too effin' cute....ant too precious!!!!


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