Thursday, March 15, 2012

Preparing for our ABR trip...

Well we've been busy preparing for our ABR trip doing Oatie's progress report and video which has taken some time to prepare. I can't believe the trip is just over a month away and in that time we will have 3 skating competitions, 1 skating carnival and a birthday!

Other than that the older two have had school ice skating and Oatie has been having his ice skating lessons too.

Oatie is meant to be in the parent and tot lesson but last week he BROKE into the level 3 class... well it wasn't quite all his fault, the teacher who taught level 3 said "you'll be skating with me tomorrow" when we bumped into her the day before... and Oatie persuaded his dad that he was REALLY in that class it was the first time his dad had taken him for his lesson... so there they were... the only thing he couldn't do was cross overs.... (yet!) I say yet as that Oatie really does take you back...

Well this week his second time gatecrashing the level 3 class, he learned to glide forwards and backwards... and there are 2 other guys who are slower skaters than he is... so he fits in really nicely! The coach said she was happy for Oatie to just join her group as the parent and tot this time round seem to be just lying on the ice.

Other than that I've taken him swimming a few times which he loves too... the other two have been busy practicing for competition... and now I think Oatie is coming down with a cold :( which means that I will get it as he loves "sharing"...

As you can see he's still cheeky as EVER!


  1. Cheeky - love that word!! (and love that picture). We leave in two weeks. I'm very excited and anxious. We think that we have found a comfortable wheelchair for Adam to travel in - whew. . . Your life sounds busy, busy and busy (it's all good. . . ) We old timers move more slowly - no chasing kids. Hope all goes well in your preparations - I haven't even done my progress report yet. Be well, dear Mel (that rhymes)
    Love, Sharon

  2. He is getting so big and mature! I am always amazed at how much he's grown! He seems so happy. It makes all the driving and running around worth it, eh?!?


  3. Just luv that cheeky kid of yours, if you ever want to loan him out for a awhile...greatest smile I have seen. We are also getting ready to go to Montreal, April 4-7, to see the man himself and hopefully fix Adam's sitting issues...warm regards


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