Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Oatie's at Pre-School - Thank you ABR

Oh My!  He's made it!  Oatie's at Preschool!  Thank you so much ABR!  I know sincerely that without ABR there is NO WAY that Oatie would have made it into mainstream preschool!  No Way at all.  In March, he wasn't as stable as now, and even though he's mentally competent, but physically he would be a big risk of a bad fall or knock.  Now if he looses his balance, he does this controlled fall (Like a figure skater would.).  He's there, we've left the building and I'm blogging not from my iPhone but from my home desktop!  Usually it would be easier for him at preschool as his big sister would be in Kindergarten in the room opposite.  However today she is still in the phasing in phase of kindergarten.

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