Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mama is ill still... I hope for tomorrow

Today mum is still not well enough to roll me for 3 hours, or if she did she'd splutter all over me, and I don't think either one of us would really enjoy that so to speak.  However... Tomorrow is a new day, and Thursday is my mum's most favourite day of the week.... so I'm optimistic that I will get my session in tomorrow.  Today I got to go back to school it was excellent!  In the afternoon we went to the skate shop, my sisters feet have grown so the skates got punched out...  I had an emotional moment, I thought I was getting skates... and my lip quivered when I realised it wasn't time yet.  My brother and sister's skating teachers are waiting in the wings for me, when I'm ready, I can't wait.  Most CP skating programmes don't run till you are 5.  I'd like to aim for 4! Why be the norm.  I don't like the fact that just because my speech is not in total clarity that people think I'm mentally handicapped to.  (There is nothing wrong with being mentally handicapped, what I'm saying is) and I am sure that people who are don't like people speaking SLOWLY to them either!  People and I am generalising here, put their own limitations, prejudices and misconceptions and close mindedness on other's and well, how do they know that I don't have a higher IQ then them?  Maybe they feel threatened by people such as para-Olympians, those who can achieve and accomplish to elite athlete level, and be better than able bodied people purely because they don't have the same drive, willpower or I CAN DO IT! attitude?  I just wish that people would talk to me normally... I understand everything that is said to me, I may not OBEY like most 3 year olds, but by my choosing to ignore what someone is saying to me, is me being 3!  not being unintelligent!

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