Saturday, September 4, 2010

Fame ! I want to dance forever

Today I got a bit upset, we went shopping for some dance shoes for my brother and sister.  I was OK for a bit, but then got very upset.  My mum said it was the same as when I go to the skate shop. My mum explained to the fitter that I (Oatie) want to dance, and the I said "mummy tap shoes please" and the assistant almost cried.  Mum said when I'm a stronger walker I can go to dance class.  One day I will dance on my feet. I currently dance in my frog-hop spin.  When we got home mum had a surprise for me (she kept all my siblings dance shoes) and I have my very own pair of tap shoes. I watched Shrek 1 & 2 while having my ABR today we did 3 hours. I thought Shrek was funny. Today I did a yoga crab for a second or so.  I couldn't do that before.

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