Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Glasses Part IV - The saga continues...

Oatie's mum here, I cannot believe how difficult it has been for one to get ONE pair of glasses for a 3 year old. My Eldest didn't have any trouble getting a pair of glasses ever. The optician that my eldest gets his glasses from WILL NOT (even if you prepay in advance) get the frames in, because their head office in the USA won't let them apparently? The frames are nothing custom about them, they are the cable temple style which suits toddlers in general and meant to be great for children with Cerebral Palsy. So in the same mall the other opticians recommended this other optician, which seemed great at first, the lady was very helpful, to then when Oatie had his eyes dilated (forgot before he had his eyes dilated to measure them) so that required another trip, only to spend 1.5 hours in there as they lost the previous order and Oatie and his dad had an ordeal in there... to then go back again to then have his eyes measured... now they had two frames as the shop assistants (between huffing at handicapped kids finally spoke to each other so they tallied up the two frames) Okay, Okay, I hear you shouting at your screen WHY did we persist? Well in the area that we live in shopping is quite unique. So if you find the something that you need, you end up putting up with rubbish levels of customer service (Quite ironic considering I was a Customer Service Manager and despise poor customer service ). Anyway I was fairly annoyed at the treatment so I did the good old yellow pages thing (reminded me of J.R. Hartley Yellow Pages add when I was a kid) and rang down the list on an Internet search. I came across a small optician's and the name seemed familiar (I later found out one of my very dearest friend uses them for her son) and not only was the service terrific, but the frames are now ordered and will be ready on Friday and to add a bonus $150 less than the other place!  All the poor love wants is to be able to see clearly/better.  I just hope he still finds his mummy beautiful when he has his glasses on (he tells me that every morning).  Oaties big brother and sister go back to school tomorrow, and we did some home baked goods to stock the freezer for healthy snacks and so we didn't do any ABR today.

Oatie baking
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