Monday, August 30, 2010

Glasses, ABR and a Webkinz Party - Hooray

Today we did 3 hours of ABR on the Bench, I really really wanted to watch Tigger, mum was trying to persuade me to watch something else and I was like Tigger Tigger Tigger please....  In the afternoon I really wanted a nap and I got a bit grumpy I was a bit tired from yesterday, we went out to try and find my sister some shoes, we've tried 4 shoe shops now and none have anything suitable in her size.  I went back to the glasses shop to have my eyes measured, I didn't want to but mum told me was a Star Wars Binocular... so I was looking for Darth Vader.  In the evening mum made homemade pizza (we're all allergic/intolerant to cows milk and products) so we have Goat cheese on our pizza instead.  Then it was one of our Webkinz birthday and we arranged a Webkinz party online, it was great fun.

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