Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Wonderful Christmas play

Today Oatie did his Christmas Performance and I have to say he was fabulous! Totally fabulous, well his elder siblings were too, but Oatie really did himself proud.

Last May before he got his Walker, he was beginning to get agoraphobic... and because he just can't thrust himself out there... you would wonder how he would be on a stage?

My elder two both figure-skate and are used to competing having the whole ice to themselves and with strangers watching etc etc.... so I wouldn't expect them to be shy... lol!

But Oatie was lifted onto the stage and he stood for a full 5 minutes singing in with the rest of his class and he was so awesome that he had people coming up to him after and commending his performance!

It was a fabulous evening and yes it was in French, I am yet to ask Oatie what he was singing lol! but it did sound really great!

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