Friday, December 21, 2012

Special people in your life :)

WOW, some people are just amazing! and totally restore your faith in the human race! My Oatie was going to a Christmas Crafts day, the first year that he could go 2 years ago he had the worst croup and only my (now) elder daughter could go, and last year my Oatie went (but with his dad because he was potty trained).

But THIS year, Oatie's last eligible year! And Oatie is potty trained!!! Oatie was all lined up to go. He could go without an adult this year... but then I had thoughts of Oatie being bullied, ending up soiling his pants... or whatever... The said family member was meant to go, but well they were not what we expected at all.... so at 23:30 the night before the Christmas workshop, I sent an sos text to one of my best friends and guess what.... whilst she was a hockey game, she arranged that one of her sons would take Oatie.

I might add that her younger son who took Oatie is 18 years old, just turned, and was on college holidays.... and works as a supervisor at a fast food restaurant so was up late as well the night before till like 1am working. Got out of bed shortly after 9am and spend 3 hours with Oatie. They had a total blast! Yes my friends son is 18, prepared to take Oatie to the washroom etc etc.... and hung out on his holiday with a 5 year old (a pretty cool 5 year old) and didn't want paying..

Like who does that, was just so sweet, he (college student) didn't want paying for it either! My friend has 2 wonderful young men for sons... just wonderful. I am so blessed having them in my life... :)

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