Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Oaties self portrait

Here is Oaties drawing of himself:)

I couldn't believe his portfolio it is brilliant, I am so proud of him and his sibs who also got stellar school reports.... Oatie did better that we thought he would which is just brilliant...

Oatie is loving his ice skating and his bi-ski has just been delivered.. his new aide is really nice and getting over his toilet phobia (with a bribe of a magic 8 ball), it's noisy and annoying so naturally kids love this thing!

his baby sister is doing great too:)

This Saturday I am hoping to resume his ABR so keep your fingers crossed....


  1. Damn good work of art!! I'm happy that all is well, especially with the new addition! Best of wishes to all!

  2. Love Oatie's self portrait! Congratulations on doing so well in school! May the 8 ball bring good fortune! And I love hearing you have fun gear for winter play outdoors! Happy Holidays and a fun new year!


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