Friday, November 25, 2011

Skating weekend! Toe Pics R Us LOL!

This was the first competition of the season, so new programmes for both my older two and new outfits too!

Oatie's Brother is skating to Coldplays' Viva la Vida and my daughter to the dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies.

Well I have to say that I am one proud mum.  Oatie clapped and cheered them on.  Neither of my older two placed.  My daughter skated up a category and well like my eldest often skating against kids 2 years older than them.

My son had an interesting time.... they misplayed his music, as soon as he almost got to his starting postion so he was off his game before even starting... they started his music instantly and his routine is action packed FAST... and near the end they cut his music off and stuck it back in the middle and then 10seconds before his time allowed they just pressed Stop!  So he missed of one of his best moves as he didn't know what was going on the poor love.  Anyway he's such a good sport, he was like "Oh Well!"

Both of them went and congratulated the kids on the podium... and well we had a great day...

Oatie's Sister


  1. It will only get better from here, Mel. You've got a great bunch of kids,,,must be great mothering! Warm wishes in cold rinks!

  2. Dear Phil,

    The puss in boots day, we went back to cheer on some of their friends and when they got their medals my eldest just went up and congratulated them and crowd burst into spontaneous applause.

    I was so proud of them for their good sportsperson behaviour. Really proud x


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