Wednesday, November 16, 2011

November ABR Comparison photos are here!

ABR is truly AMAZING!


  1. So very right, truly amazing progress. Mom and Oatie are to be rightly deserving to be very proud. The changes are really noticeable and happening at a great rate. You both deserve a reward.....

  2. YaY!!! Progress! Isn't it fun to take a few minutes to look back and see how far you've come? I love this!

  3. Dear Phil, Lisa and Lizbeth,

    It is nice and really nice to know what the ABR Machine can do too! lol! my hours in the last half were not as I had planned. (Lizbeth we roll our kids with balls and rubber eggs for hopefully 2-3 or more hours a day)

    Even with the decreased hours, I can't believe that his posture has improved so much.

    Thanks for the lovely comments :)



  4. Great comparison and now he doesn't look like a baby or toddler anymore in the 2011 photo's does he just a big kid who is doing great!!!!


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