Monday, November 14, 2011

Parent and Tot

Parent and tot Skate (don't look at his helmet lol!)
On Monday! we did our first parent and tot skating.  We went for a trial run at family skate yesterday but for the first time in 3+ years the Sunday skate times have changed for the season.  However it was a nice drill for this morning.

I persuaded Oatie's dad to come to the first session just in case I was "Dangerous on my skates" for Oatie.  (there wasn't much persuasion on my part.... he was dying to come... he was great. I had to do all the carrying and lacing and putting the harness on myself... as that way I could see how I would fare next week by myself) but had Oatie's daddy for a lovely backup support.... As the first session in the USA was a blurr...  What became apparent was that Oatie and I need to practise putting his skates on at home during the week... as we were going to be late for our session so his dad put his helmet on while I put my skates on... it was a classic ROL(Roar of laughter) as.... it wasn't till the end of the session that we all realised that his helmet was on BACKWARDS!!!! but it did fit better I have to say! ROL!!!! (I'm just so glad it wasn't me who did that! lol!)

Well Oatie's dad deemed me SAFE.... I even went under the toddler height arch ways a few times.... (I got cheers from the stands).

We only had 3 ignorant BURKE'S.  One Father was Scowling at us... for being on in the parent and tot session... (WELL obviously as he believes that his son is going to be in the NHL, and Oatie is encroaching on is son's GROUP lesson where this kid stands up for all of one second and then takes a huge thunk).   Maybe a tad mean for me to say... well maybe....

Or this other mother who was scowling too at us in the class...  (little do they know that the instructors are my friends since we moved and they are delighted that they get to teach Oatie too)  Or was it the other blue badged vehicle Huffing at us believing that we just ABUSED our blue badge status in the parking lot!  Man I really detest that!  The Eye Rolling or them taking my plate.  Well my standard line is.... LETS HAVE A WALKING CONTEST AND SEE WHO WINS!!!?!

Yes these other blue badge people (who Eye roll and huff and take my licence plate) seem to all, be able to  get in and out of a "NORMAL" car, no adaptations, and can walk as fast as I can....

Maybe its because Oatie and I had a brilliant time on the East Coast.... where people in Toronto/Montreal Area couldn't do enough to help us and Buffalo U.S.A too... and coming back to our area.... is a culture shock!

Well Oatie was so very impressive on his skates... I have to say that I have Oatie in total Awe.... (Yes my eldest learning his Axel at 8.5 is amazing or my 6.5 year old her lutz...., but Oatie is just as amazing to me.  He's fearless, and a skating warrior... he won't rest he just wants to skate skate and skate!).  My husband said he couldn't tell who was beaming more on the ice... Me or Oatie...!

My eldest has a new job that he likes,... he gets the sharpening stone and takes off the burrs of Oaties blades from Oaties new Ice adventures! 

After all of that and our trip last week... I'm ready for a HUGE nap!

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