Sunday, July 17, 2011

Animal Bop

Today I found Animal Bop in my Itunes Library. We The kids haven't danced to it really since we moved. today I came across it while looking for a different tune....

The kids Loved it... Oatie was in his element and enjoyed dancing to it as much as my daughter. My eldest got into the spirit of it after initially saying it was babyish... but enjoyed rolling around the floor with the rest of us too all pretending to be snakes.

Tomorrow I feel strong enough/ recovered to try doing Oaties ABR with him. I found the weeks before the op that I found any physical activity hard... as I felt the lump got in the way (even though i have been told that that isn't possible?) I notice the difference eating and drinking too... or lifting a kid.

We were playing around with the photo booth App with my ipad... Here is Oatie finding it a total scream!


  1. Mel - your house sounds like so much fun. We could use a dose of Animal bop here. It's been stressful, intensive working with Adam to get him to a more comfortable place. I'd rather be dancing with Adam!! We did manage to carry him outside on the deck yesterday and all he did was laugh. Glad to hear that you are feeling better.
    Love, Sharon

  2. That photo booth app looks so cool! And I think it's totally possible for it to get in the way... how could not??? I can see any strain or activity just adding to the uncomfortableness of it. I'm glad you're feeling better!

  3. Thanks Ladies, you both are so lovely :) Sorry I have disappeared recently... the not talking gave me almost RSI... from typing some much, imagine the amount I speak... and the ipad Bluetooth keyboard isn't ergonomic as it's a compak one... So I will be by your blogs soon...

    Well I might upload it to dropbox for you as it's so silly... it's just funny! It has me in stitches!

    I know it's me but I haven't clicked with the new exercises at all... Oatie squirms more... too... so I decided that I will resume the old ones, he'd just stretch out for 3 hours and love it... add some egg rolling as I liked that... and then see if I can gradually introduce the new ones in...

    As my hours have been not much since we got back in May..


    I know, I don't see how something like that can't be felt or obstruct... It's not like they viewed it when I was face down, which is how I could feel it! That's when it obstructed my airway more...

    I'm hoping to try swimming on Wednesday


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