Monday, July 18, 2011

ABR Oatie Comparison File March 2010 to May 2011

Here is a comparison photo of Oatie before ABR and after one year of ABR

Look at his spine and his shoulder blades and the tops of his shoulders.  On the Left photo he had to be supported or he would fall over and he was sat on a firm surface.  On the Right he is sat on a mattress... so it's squishy and less supportive.

March 2011

Before ABR, I called this the sack of potatoes look... you could push him over with a gentle shove...
Wider pelvis allowing a better sitting platform. One can also see the better definition between the right, left and central segments of the back. May 2011


  1. These are really big positive changes in a year, as Leonid would say "tuck" (sic). I am so glad that you are seeing rapid, positive change. I know that it will continue in this direction...keep on pumping or rolling or what exercise is getting you there! Warmest thoughts and wishes!

  2. Great job!!! Congratulations :)

  3. Dear Phil and Alejandra,

    Thanks so much, well I was putting together a one pager for our GP as we have to fight the CRA for tax rebate on Oatie's ABR and the photos were such an improvement. We're going to need some luck... Oatie will take on the government!!!




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