Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thursday's warm

Today it was a nice change from -30oC, we got the results from my speech assesment, which was fairly accurate of where I am at... mum after about 30 minutes, chuckled to herself that she already knows where I'm at and what I can and can't do being my mother and why I had the speech assesment... one of our close friends said it was surprising that not all parents are that "in to" their kids and it could be news to them.  Anyway it was nice to know that we're on the same page so to speak....  I also had my school photo, my big sister is ill with a virus this week so she missed her photo, the poor thing.

We did 2 hours of ABR as it's getting quite close to my big brother and sister's skating competition this weekend.  They have a special olympics category so I'm hoping that we get to see that as I would really like to.

Well I'm tucked up in bed now with my ABR machine on... last night I went to see my big brother's school's senior high theatre production, I may be 3 and have CP, but I sat through a two hour live show and loved every minute of it.

Sweet dreams and happy thanksgiving to all our Friends in the USA xxx

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