Saturday, November 13, 2010

ABR, Scouts and Machine!

Today, mummy had a Scout Leader Training, so I was at home with Daddy, and my Big Brother and Sister.  Mum had gone before I woke up, so I got in..... 12 Hours of Machine ABR, dad restarts the machine when they go to bed, so I get a couple more hours in of my Buzz Bench (Machine ABR).  Daddy was going to do my Ball Rolling in the morning when he noticed that our Hot Tub was behaving oddly... one of the pumps broke, so a nice repair man came out and had it all fixed in a few hours.  My Brother and Sister had their dancing today and then after Lunch, Daddy did my ABR.

Mummy Passed her Scout Training, Daddy did his 2 years ago.... so she was pleased, and one day I'd like to be a Beaver like my Brother and Sister.  We have become a "Scouting Family" and the nice thing about Scouts is that they welcome people from all walks of life and all abilities and is open to everyone which includes Boys and Girls...ME!  Yes ME! and it will be so nice to be "accepted" too.

We had a lovely day, I'm wired up to my Buzz Bench (ABR Machine) and I hope to make 12 hours tonight too!

Sorry about all the photos of me on my Bench, but if you think that now I spend over half my day doing ABR, 12 hours on the machine at night and 2-3 hours during the day.... photo opps are quite limiting! LOL!

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