Saturday, October 16, 2010

Why is life so complicated at age 3

Well the saga of a narrow-minded mother still plagues Oatie's school adventure. Not that there is anything wrong with mental retardation, but this mother confused Oatie's Cerebral Palsy with mental retardation and claims he is a safety risk with the other children... Hence has to have an aide...With respect.

That is just so ludicrous !!!!! That is her prejudice narrow-minded unintelligent attitude. Well his aid and another independent persons have stated he only gets upset when someone has taunted/bullied him. So I stated maybe ge needs an aide to protect him from the bullies? Maybe it could be the complaining mothers child. It has been said that as they are BOYS it is how boys behave boys being boys... I don't agree, if people any sex or gender are allowed to behave in antisocial ways then they will. Are they suggesting that the boys have started puberty at 3?

Argggggh is all that is left to be said, why do people have such ridiculous prejudiced behavior these days? ?

Well Oatie's in the middle of all this nasty and he's the true victim of the situation... No I'm not biased because I'm his mum; I don't know how but I've always been able to take a step back and view things from both sides even if it's my lids involved, like putting yourself in others shoes. Sure complain about his behavior bur don't mix safety can't go to school etc etc with it as that goes too far and is prejudiced behavior.

That aside we did 3 hours yesterday and 2:15 today.
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