Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Disabled and preschool!

O.M.G! You won't believe this, we in a nutshell have one or two mums at Oatie's preschool who DON'T want him there without an aide; in case he hurts their children. Where as it to me looks more the other way around. Well no child or adult is an angel we all even us adults have moments that we are not proud of, Oatie's aid goes back home today she's from another province.

Oatie did scratch one of the said children, they the teachers said it was unprovoked! I was more than happy to be open and discuss it and see if we could get the kids to cooperate better. However today I went in to see the dynamics for myself, and! Well what an eye opener! There was a total lack of supervision and the 'said' complaining mothers child I'm sorry to say is a thug, there was another boy in there who 'needs' some help, his behavior was just shocking! he went around for 5 minutes hurting others, snatching, kicking objects,and just such antisocial behaviour. And this other boy just taunts Oatie and also picks on the girls, he stood on my knee to try and lunge to hit Oatie! But of course! it's the disabled child that's the problem. Oatie, shouts at him amd Oatie has to endure one kid saying very slowly and in his face 'hello are you in there' another just ignoring oatie saying no so after the 5th time Oatie did get upset. Like I said no childs an angel handicapped or not. However look how it's all Oatie's fault! It takes two to Tango. Yes, Oatie didn't react in a socially acceptable way - scratching (we're working on that) I saw it all in action today, I wanted to observe more than anything, I could only take 45 minutes being in that room it was so upsetting, so Oatie basically gets bullied, provoked, and then when he eventually reacts, Oatie gets done for it! I said if Oatie gets excluded from school then the 'thugs' should too. Today we did 2:15 and yesterday nearly 3 hours. BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop

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