Saturday, August 18, 2012

Photos and Binoo

Another actioned packed week, Oatie and his Sibs had a photo shoot just the 3 of them on Friday, which was a nice end to the week followed by a "treat" of junk food lol!

Oatie watching one of his sib's pulling funny faces for the camera :)

Binoo, caught, we have an automatic tap in our main floor washroom and the other day someone left the door open, we were watching a movie and heard the tap go... so I was thinking if we're all here, who's using the tap?

Well before I lysoled the sink,... here he is, the Binoo washing his paws before he eats....


  1. I don't know... that boy of yours has the brightest, happiest eyes that I have ever seen. I wonder if it's the junk food or if he's just full of the things that make life so OK! Glad to hear the cat is hygienic...!

  2. Dear Phil, he is a super happy boy:) Binoo is now trying to break into the washroom by hanging on the door handle so he can wash his paws... lol!


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