Friday, August 24, 2012

My Extra Pair of Hands - I found them

Yes, Oatie is wearing Glasses again!  Well, we found out what was wrong with the other pair... they had the - instead of a + or the other way round.  I don't wear glasses myself so it's all greek to me... the poor guy couldn't see properly for 4 months and then we just took them off him and as it was a Machine which gave his prescription a "human" put it into the computer wrong and so hence his lenses were made totally wrong.

I don't know yet to whom I am to complain as they are Dr's in Canada, that practice should really get a big black X by it's name, that they couldn't even check what they ordered!

My Extra pair of Hands is the IRobot Zumba which my kids have called it "Munch",  I have to say I love it for several reasons!  First, they have to pick up all their tiny bits of lego or Munch will eat it, their rooms have to be tidy or Munch will attack what's on the floor and thirdly they are really enjoying having carpets vacuumed much more often!  (as do I)

I have found it bliss, I can sit happily playing with the kids, while Munch gets to work!  It has a spot clean function so you can put him under the table and he'll just get all the crumbs!

I've only used him for 3 days but I LOVE Munch!

Few more days of holidays and another huge school dilemma.  Where my older two went last year, they increased their bus journey to 1hour to go 10km! which I think is rather naff... they might tolerate it but Oatie won't.  We've heard nigh or high whether he has an aide, they sent us the wrong paperwork for which class Oatie was going to be in, and all the school supply list is useless to Oatie, as he wouldn't be able to use most of it.  instead of the chunky felt tips, he needs the small pip squeak style crayola ones instead.  No one from the school has contacted us or done anything really.

The school has expanded beyond belief that they are now at almost double capacity from what the school was originally designed for and have added portables and more portables.  The French Immersion was not what I thought it would be at all, it was dull boring and none of the other kids could muster more than a basic sentence after an entire year/or for some people 2 years of French immersion.  My eldest who is also very bright got super high prediction in his PAT's but I think he would have got that wherever he went really.  Things like the Disabled parking bay, there is 1 for a school of 700 pupils, which is in the BUS LOOP so it's prohibited to use during school drop off and pick up.  So I had the choice of sticking him on the bus for 1 hour, or parking 15 minutes away and pushing his wheelchair in -35oC on unshoveld paths or taking him and his siblings in 45 minutes late every day for school.  None of that bodes well for me really.  I emailed the school transportation officer and I got a reply that she would look into what she could do at the end of September!  I'm like that's RUBBISH!  what about the disabled bay that is in the bus loop?  I would have thought that prohibiting me from using the disabled blue badge bay would also be illegal?

So I'm wondering about French school, it  is pulling me back in that direction.  Oatie wouldn't be in the preschool he'd be in Kindergarten and have the same teacher that his big sister had... and she is LOVELY, the classes are smaller, it's a small building his big brother and sister would be 20-40 feet away at all times so they would see each other all day.  Oatie's dad works 5 minutes from there and so in Winter he's suggested that he goes and shovels the disabled ramp before he goes to work.  We know what their "let downs" are and as he's out of the clutches of the pre-school, the rest of the school which is run independently from the preschool the teachers seem to be nice.  We've known them for 4 years since we moved as My daughter went there for pre-school too but it was run differently back then.

My daughter who is like a Hermione Granger, started to play up (she was so bored last year) and I really think it's down to intellectual boredom.  My husband went to schools where you had the brain power to do the work they'd give you more and more....  I went to a school where I finished the work in 5 minutes flat and was just left to sit at my desk until everyone else finished.  My eldest copes with it by sketching in a sketch book or daydreaming... and my daughter is now very frustrated.  (they are both beyond their grade at reading) and my daughter is fluent reading in French.  So the appeal of them going totally into French French and doing all their schooling in French is sounding more and more appealing. They also learn Spanish too.  I have a core group of parents who (all stood up for Oatie) who would help.

So I've set a meeting up next Thursday to meet with the principle and the head of special needs from their school board.  I'm hoping it's not all a huge hormonal reaction on my!  We shall see....

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  1. Doctors, schools, etc. They need to get on our side and do some caring. Oatie is lucky to have a "momma grissly" for a parent (no reference to S Palin). I cannot believe that the prescription for glasses was incorrect...ya think someone would have checked. I'm happy that you noticed the need for new ones...he does look quite handsome and distinguished and I'll bet the world is much clearer.
    I'm gonna have to look into one of those robotic cleaners, since dad vacuums the house and the old guy could use a break. Just afraid that it will scare the crap out of our dog who will probably think it's human and chasing him.
    I know that you will be powerful in making you case that all of Oatie's needs are taken care of in school and that his aide is in place. Ya do what ya gotta do for your kids; but I'm preaching to the choir. Keep it, I'm looking on like for a robotic vacuum!


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