Thursday, June 13, 2013

Bureaucratic red tape...

Today Oatie had a visit from the lovely "speech pathologist", I've always found that term different as pathology to me usually means the study of diseases and causes etc. Oatie doesn't have a disease... oh well!

Well, anyway she's very nice person, very approachable and totally into her job which is just so nice to see and it's actually genuine too, which is just fabulous.

I don't know if you remember my post about A government agency that does nothing... well this lady contacted them, to find out the outcome, as she was the lady who referred us, and guess what??? she's left two messages and they haven't returned her call in two weeks! The funniest bit, was when they said that they didn't endorse Apple products, this lady actually went to a seminar where one of this "team" stood up and gave 2 different demonstrations on apple products...

Well back to Oatie, she was amazed at the progress that he's made, from joining in in the class routine, to the whole reduction in the aggression in the room since the bullying stopped, his recital of the alphabet and his speech and well everything really including his walking.

I was also told how due to red tape and funding cuts, it was why we haven't seen her for ages, as her budget was already used up... but apart from having an aide (who is magic by the way, this man who's Oatie's aid is just first class, through and through and I have the highest respect for this man, he is just so nice to Oatie, and they have a special bond and everything he does with Oatie is fun, he make learning fun). They haven't really done anything else to help with his speech or his OT at school. Luckily his teachers/aide and my husband and I are all working as a team for Oatie which ultimately is going to be us to do that in the first place, I suppose I would have liked to see some "strategy" or plan on making sure that when he gets to kindergarten age, he'll have the skills to be in a mainstream classroom, which is still 18 months off, but the plan I think needs to be in place now. So I go back to the drawing board, speak to more people find out the low down and go from there, which usually starts at the Swimming pool funny enough....

So this nice lady, did bring her itouch and her ipad to see which worked better for Oatie and we both decided the ipad is the best device for him, so just waiting till Friday to place our order for his Ipad. He calls it his "Magic Book". He actually asked when could he use the magic book again, it helps!

Well I'm going for a nice cup of tea and chocolate cake.

Love Oatie's Mum

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  1. Magic Pad fantastic!!!! He will love that. I hear you need to line up very early friday to get the iPad2 but it's worth the wait. Good luck getting yours !!! That is so exciting!!!

  2. Dear Sherry,

    I'm so excited, I think I'm going to order online, I always think of that Modern Family episode.... with the Apple Store... I'm really excited and he bought something for charity at school today, and was saying Vingt and Cinq for the exchange of money, and kept his dad's money ($5) and said money box in French and put it in his savings - money for Magic pad... YES?!? Mummy was thinking, wishing that the Ipad2 was $5! lol!


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