Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Was given a bunch of Binoo Friendly flowers:)

I was so happy today, usually I frown if somone gives me flowers as I think of the money, and how that in a few days they will Die... and so anyway one of  my BFF's gave me a plastic bunch of flowers and to be quite honest it was the best bunch of flowers I've had in a very very long time!

Oatie and the temporary bus driver had a disagreement..., Oatie was trying to follow the rules by having his lap belt on on his wheelchair.  During the day we let him tuck it under the seat so he can get in and out with ease rather than a huge palaver to go to the washroom,,... anyway today his aide forgot and so he was being good by trying to get it out... the temp bus driver thought he was being naughty and when he got home he read Oatie the riot act...

Only after I mediated between the two of them realised that Oatie didn't tell the bus driver what he was doing and in future to tell the bus driver.... so they hi-fived it as a promise.  I can't wait for our usual bus driver to come back.... he's one of Oatie's best friends dads at school.

This saturday oatie is going to a paint your own pottery party!  He's so excited!

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