Saturday, July 5, 2014

Day Camp

This Week Oatie has had his very first experience of Day Camps.

It was advertised as 'inclusive' but was more that they would consider inclusiveness but is still at the experimental stage.

I met with the organisers and they generously gave me 1.5 hours of their time, and I found out that for 4 years I have been lied to by our 'case worker'.

All those years of me/husband taking Oatie (husband leaving work and having to make up time) for diversity swim and not having a community aide was all because we were lied to....  I asked the question outright and was told no... It never made sense as you would think why put added strain on a special needs family.... so anyway he could have had a community aide all along....

So after meeting the camp organisers....I sent and email and within 2 hours... Oatie was approved for community aide so he could attend day camp.

The Challenge was then finding a 16+ year old to help him.... luckily we have some awesome friends and their kids stepped forward to be Oatie's aide for those weeks.

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