Saturday, February 22, 2014

Pneumonia - Pneumonia - Chicken POX scare - pneumonia!

URGH.... the young one got pneumonia... my husband just saw the signs and rushed her in and she was in and out urgent care with xray done and meds within 2 hours... we caught it really quickly so she won't have any real damage to her lungs luckily!

So the little one was not very well and within 48 hours Oatie went down with it too... and then I caught a cold and my husband got a chest infection... by some weird chance the older two escaped it all!  We do tend to segregate the family out for meal times like some eat in the dining room and others who are well eat in the breakfast room and that seems to stop everyone being sick.

We then found out that now in our province that anyone at any stage of chickenpox can just wonder about at school... anywhere...

So you might not hear from me for a bit.... I feel so rough and I'm sure the kids fell rougher.. :((


  1. Chickenpox is a common illness caused by a virus called Maricela zoster. People often get the virus as young children. A child with chickenpox can easily give the virus to other children. Almost all children catch chickenpox but few develop any serious problems.

  2. Mine have all caught it, as little children, but we had a heavily pregnant teacher at the school and a child with severely compromised immune system so that was our main concern.


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